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If there is one place where everyone should feel safe and secure, it’s in their own home and while there are lots of things that can be done to improve the safety levels inside a property such as installing a burglar alarm, there are other things to think about as well like ensuring that the water is safe to use. It is important to get the water routinely tested to check its purity and this needs to be done by a professional company that knows what it’s doing.

This testing will check the water for its quality and it is the best way to ensure that the water is safe to consume. Testing for water purity is vital and it isn’t something that can be done just by looking at the water to see if it looks clean or dirty.

Testing the Water …

Below are some of the things that the water will be tested for:

  • Sodium and PH levels
  • Hardness and chloride
  • Salinity and saturation index
  • Electrical conductivity and absorption ratio

It is important to get water tested on a regular basis rather than just as a one-off and any professional company will be happy to offer homeowners advice about how often this sort of testing should be carried out.


It is easy to use the internet to find a local company that can help to test for dangerous pollutants in a water system in any property and below are a few of the services that a company like this will usually offer:

  • On-going monitoring services
  • Trained technicians
  • Quality control procedures
  • Qualified environmental scientists

Knowing that a home is a safe sanctuary is vital and the best way to ensure that the water used inside a property is safe is to get some professional help. These specialists can assess anything from a small spill to doing huge waterway inspections and it is also important to ensure that the water used in places of business is safe by using these services there as well.

Sourcing a Company to Help

In order to find a reputable company to help to ensure that the water in a home or a place of business is safe to use, it is vital to take some time and do some research on the company before employing them. Companies like SERS provide water testing services and this is the perfect example of the type of company that should be used.

They offer a range of testing services and are qualified and experienced to conduct the work, and expert companies that offer water management solutions can often be found with a quick online search. They will be able to offer advice about what needs to be done to avoid problems from happening in the future as well as provide assistance with any existing problems and this is by far the best way to ensure that the water used inside any property is completely safe.

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