We have all witnessed an owner that has a furry pet friend that looks eerily like them. Maybe it is not done entirely on purpose but you have to admit that it does exist. Someone who is really obsessed with their pet might even try to purchase a car that resembles their pet, or dress it up to complete with the top ten Halloween costumes for cars. Whether you own a pet or not, it is hard to deny that some vehicles nowadays look like animals.

Whether it be their sleek design or their speed, car manufacturers have possibly pulled inspiration from Mother Nature’s animals from around the world. There are many cars that look just like animals, and once you notice it, it will be hard to un-see.


The first car that pops into mind is a Jaguar. Even named after the beautiful animal, the luxurious car resembles the animal’s sleekness as well as its quiet speed. The car itself is inherently feline, and built close to the ground as if it is ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

The animal version of a jaguar is always on the hunt and can spring up and run in an instant. This is reflected in the car version which can go from zero to 60 in mere seconds. The manufacturers obviously chose a fitting name for the vehicle they created, as both the animal and the car are extremely fast with a quiet beauty to them.

A car that may be named after an insect can also represent a different animal. The VW Bug is reminiscent of a turtle, and after one quick glance you can see the resemblance. The cars are shaped just like the shell of a turtle or tortoise, and come in a variety of colors. From a front-facing view of the vehicle, you can see the parallel to a turtle’s face.

With two eyes on either side with a small almost smile-like grill in between. Like their animal counterparts, VW Bugs are known for their shape, and can be recognized from afar. Their speed is another similarity; slow and steady can win the race. VW Bugs are not necessarily known for their ability to reach high speeds in an instant, but they still get you from point A to point B.


An unlikely comparison between a car and an animal would be a smart car and mouse. They may seem small (and to an outsider maybe even unnatural), but once you know that their size is not the only detail about them, your perspective may change. Like a mouse, smart cars are feisty despite their size. Both are small enough to fit into unexpected areas, and they both seem to multiply when you aren’t looking. While mice seem to have endless energy, a smart car does need to be plugged in every once in a while. Learn how to make your dumb car smart!

Another vehicle that bears a similar image to an animal is a construction crane to a giraffe. They both have sturdy bottoms to support the long necks that reach high into the skies. They have similar builds, meaning both the crane and the giraffe are able to grab small items from way up high all the way down to the ground. There is no doubt that whoever invented this vehicle took note of the giraffe’s unique form and used it in their design.

Some vehicles imitate animal life, and we have utilized the most valuable assets of animal characteristics to our benefit. Now, when you look around while you are driving or stopped in traffic, you might notice how similar cars and animals are.

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