In everyday life we are facing the effect of global warming which are unbearable for the human not only unbearable but also causes death of huge amount of people. Recently we can see the bad effect of India s excessive heat wave which has took many poor people’s live and the heat wave was so extreme that wild spaces yet not survive in forest area. It is true that

These types of heavy temperature mad by us and we are only responsible to create our environment unsafe to live. As we cut down trees indiscriminately in our deep forest area and for this reason our atmosphere are going hot to hotter for the lickings of oxygen in our air.

Season change has a matter in our nature but it is now destroying gradually as our total environment is losing its own control to circulate naturally. Some people think that  lack of forest are the only cause of global warming but actually it has several reason to increasing global warming in our environment. Release of carbon dioxide are the main root cause   of create global warming and human always burn oil and coil and   many other things which causes increase of carbon dioxide in our environment.

Today richer country build greenhouse for grow food during the winter season and that greenhouse produce huge amount of carbon dioxide like green house project hundreds of project  has which causes release of carbon dioxide in our environment, so it would wise to take necessary steps to stop that project which release huge amount of carbon dioxide .

Acid rain

A types of rain which are slightly acidic than normal rain, usually rain water are slightly acidic but the area where establish several factory that area s rain are more acidic by comparing forest area rain, the main reason for acid rain for being sulfur pollution in our air which occur when factory release huge amount of fume by continuing its production activities, acid rain get mixed in our pond , cannel ,river water ,and everywhere and people take it to use  for their daily activities and for this reason this harmful chemical impact badly in human body which causes cast illness ,blindness high blood pressure and so on .

For being acid rain not only people get sick but also our valuable wild species are fall in the threat of extinction which will bring us an irrecoverable loss for our environment as well as our natural resource. When we burn oil than it release carbon monoxide and that harmful gas get mixed in our environment and it again gets mixed by rain water.

River Erosion:

River erosion caused for the rising of sea level water which relates global warming, every year thousands of lives destroy for the river erosion and poor people loss their permanent living land and firm land and many other properties. However river erosion causes huge economic loss in affected country and people suffer in a long run for being river erosion. Erosion devastate all types of property of human and environment, the main reason of erosion is deforestation as our soil get loose for the absence of tree so if we plant more and tree we can save ourselves and our environment as well.

Nuclear radiation:

Nuclear radiation impact the most harmful effect in our air, water, land and most important element of our environment when it reduces its toxic radioactive radiation, at present many country are testing their created atomic boom so that they can show their power to another country but by testing atomic boom our environment are greatly hampered and its scientifically proved that the bad effect of radioactive radiation remain our environment within long period of time and for this reason people of the radioactive blast related country suffer various incurable diseases in their whole life . The best example is the Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki city where newly birth baby have cruel symptoms of the radioactive radiation   .

Over population:

Population explosion is the major problem of our present world, we can see this problem is acute in poor country where much food problem, economical problem, and education problem have but in rich country this problem are not as acute as poor country because in poor country people are not properly aware about the slandered living of their own on the other hand they give birth huge amount of children without thinking their better future and better management of their life though population is an asset of a country but turn into a problem when country cannot afford the basic needs of its entire citizen .It’s our own duty to keep control our population growth so that we can manage country resources properly by maintaining our population ratio .

Destruction of forest:

For being increase of huge population we are destroying our valuable forest which is the main food source of human, people cut down trees for make habitation and use timbre for various purposes and for this reasons we are destroying our atmospheric natural condition which causes several problems in our ecology.

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