4 Things People Do for the Planet That Skyrocket Their Own Health

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You can tell who genuinely cares about the long-term well-being of the planet because those who do embrace their personal responsibility to care for it. It’s one thing to suggest

How to Make the Environment the Star of Your Holidays

holiday gift
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The holidays are upon us, and with it the desire and the pressure to provide gifts that are thoughtfully chosen. For those of us who are invested in how we’re

How Tech and Big Data are Making health care Greener

big data
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Photo Source In virtually every industry, advances in technology are causing change to happen. Adjusting to and adopting those changes is the inevitable path for any organization that does not

How China is Trying to Fix Their Air Pollution Problem

Air Pollution
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Northern China’s air pollution is not exactly off the charts, instead it often sits at the very top of the chart, meriting the highest warning level. The information to come

4 Ways Climate Change Can Impact Personal Health

Climate Change
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Often, when we think about climate change and global warming, our natural inclination is to focus in on the large-scale challenges facing our planet. However, it’s also important to recognize

What We Know About Hurricane Harvey and the Environment

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Image Credit: David J. Phillip/AP The United States, and Texas specifically, is still in the dramatic stillness that has followed in Hurricane Harvey’s wake. It will be years before we

Light Pollution and the Way Forward

light polution
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There was a time when if you lived in the Northern Hemisphere, you could almost certainly find the Milky Way in the night sky. Now though, that’s untrue for millions.