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If you own property, you know the importance of ensuring it looks clean and well-maintained. Not only do you need to make sure your property’s indoor areas are well-kept, but you also need to maintain the land you own around the building or buildings. Here are five important outdoor upkeep services for your property.

1. Land Clearing

Land clearing services include tree removal, brush clearing, stump grinding and tree trimming. You can access this service for private or commercial property. You should hire a professional contractor to ensure the land is cleared safely and efficiently. He or she can help also help you determine what types of services you need, such as removing a tree or simply trimming its branches. When you hire someone to clear your land or perform any other outdoor services, make sure you hire locally. For example, if you live in northeastern Virginia, you might hire a contractor who provides land clearing in Haymarket.

2. Pavement Repairs

Whether you have sidewalks, roads, parking lots or a driveway on your property, it’s important to ensure your pavement is well-maintained. Not only does clean, intact pavement help improve property value, but it also ensures the safety of anyone visiting, living in or working on your property. If your pavement is cracked or has potholes, someone might trip and be injured or damage his or her vehicle. Depending on your experience and skills, you may choose to repair your property’s pavement yourself. You can also hire a contractor to maintain or repair your pavement for you.

3. Installation Maintenance

Many people install features that require regular maintenance or inspections on their property. Common installations for private property, such as a home, may include outdoor lighting, fire pits, pools and sprinklers. Commercial and public property may have many of these same installations or other features such as fountains and sculptures. Each type of installation requires its own type of maintenance, so you need to hire appropriate professionals to install and maintain installations on your property, such as electricians and plumbers. Talk to these professionals to determine how often you need to have an installation inspected, cleaned or replaced and whether you can do so yourself or need to schedule appointments with them.

4. Chimney And Roof Inspections

You must have your roof inspected regularly to ensure it’s safe and provides your property’s indoor areas with proper protection and insulation. Typically, property owners have their roofs inspected annually and replace them regularly. If you have a chimney or gutters, then you will need additional inspections for those installations. You need to have someone check whether your chimney is safe and unblocked. Your gutters also need to be regularly cleaned and checked for leaks and blocks.

5. Landscaping

One of the most well-known types of outdoor upkeep is landscaping. Landscaping services can include lawn maintenance, planting flowers and trees, trimming hedges and bushes or spreading mulch. Many landscaping services can be performed by the property owner, but there are several reasons to hire a professional contractor. If you own a commercial property or manage a public property, it may be too large for you to maintain yourself. If you own private property, you may hire landscapers if you have allergies, are uncomfortable or don’t feel skilled enough to perform certain tasks such as spreading mulch or simply don’t want to do it yourself.

You can maintain your outdoor property yourself, hire a contractor or service provider to take care of it or implement a combined approach. For example, you may mow the lawn regularly but require assistance from a professional to trim your trees.

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