Tree Trimming

The act of pruning shows its wonders and benefits on trees. This is especially true of those trees growing within your property.

Trimming trees is something that most people consider doing, especially when they start becoming bushier in appearance. However, it’s always better to leave this to professionals as there’s more to tree trimming than meets the eye.

Tree Trimming
An arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw

Today, we will look at the benefits that you can gain from professional tree trimming. This also lets you see why you should have your tree trimmed and pruned. We will also look at possible consequences that occur when you don’t.

  1. Improves the Tree’s Health

One of the benefits you gain from hiring tree trimming professionals is keeping the tree healthy. Cutting off dead and dying branches can help with the tree’s growth. Thus, you’re bringing in new ones to grow with a better disposition than the dead ones.

If left alone, the dead branches could harm the tree. Trimming them off prevents decay from occurring.

Another interesting note for pruning is that you can detect diseases at the onset before they advance. Doing so can also prevent the disease from spreading. You can even call a specialist to check the tree for ways to heal it.

  1. Improves the Tree’s Structure and Appearance

Tree pruning services can also improve the tree’s appearance and structure. Taking off specific branches can strengthen it. You can also use this as a means to guide the tree’s shape as they grow.

The shape tends to change due to the trimming methods used. Taking off certain branches can help in raising the crown of the tree, or thinning it to make way for newer branches. Trimming trees also allows the tree to have a cleaner and less fuzzy appearance when looked at.

This helps in a lot of ways, making it look presentable when compared to an unpruned tree. It’s a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Hiring professionals is important for this, as they know what structure looks best on what kind of tree.

  1. Increases Sun Exposure and Air Circulation

With proper tree pruning, you can increase sun exposure and air circulation around the tree and within the landscape. This helps prevent other conditions that afflict trees.

One such case is the condition called sun scalding. This occurs during the winter season. The bark freezes and this results in permanent damage.

By pruning, you allow sunlight to reach the other leaves hidden by higher branches. This increases the amount of photosynthesis involved. The tree gains the needed vitality to grow and flourish because of it.

Increased photosynthesis also means an increase in oxygen. Along with this is increased removal of carbon dioxide. When you help the tree, the tree helps you back.

  1. Increases Fruit Yield

This purpose is far more pronounced for orchards. It can also be the case if you have a fruit-bearing tree or two on your property. It helps increase the quantity and size of the fruits that it bears, a helpful effect for those who want to increase the yield and the quality of their crops.

A good reason for this is due to how the trimming encourages the growth of the tree. Eliminating dead and dying branches can bring the newer ones out. This allows for a better batch of fruits.

One helpful piece of advice for this is to initiate pruning during the later part of winter. This is to shape the tree and to expose its center to sunlight.

  1. Aids in Growing Newly Planted Trees

When you have newly-planted trees, root loss becomes a problem. The roots are a vital part of the tree’s growth and survival. Tree trimming can help address this particular problem by counterbalancing root loss.

The pruning also helps the trees grow while training them to shape and form. This way, you can start enforcing a particular shape to the tree while ensuring that it grows with more sunlight, leading to it having a stronger crown and branches.

  1. Helps Clear Up Areas

One of the things that you would benefit from is how pruning and trimming help clear up areas around the tree. With the decreased volume and density from removing dead and dying branches, you also clear up the view and beautify the landscape.

The tree ends up looking better, which also causes the property to look much better. Trimmed trees add value to the property, more so with its resale value.

  1. Prevents Property Damage

The other key factor behind tree trimming is prevention. When left alone, trees can deal a lot of damage. It becomes a disaster to your home when tree damage strikes, where it can also lead to injury and property damage.

This leads to a lot of hassle with insurance and endangering your safety, more so when calamitous weather strikes. To that end, the tree becomes a liability and a danger, rather than being a beautifying element that adds value to your property.

Without pruning, the other option you have for the tree is to cut it down. If you prefer to keep the tree with you, pruning and trimming is your best option.

  1. Helps Save on Expenses

This extends to the previous point. With tree damage, you would end up paying a lot for repairs. By choosing to have the tree trimmed, you worry less about falling branches or trees falling over your home.

The virtue of this is to spend a little on trimming the tree branches to avoid spending more on repairing the house or paying hospital bills from the resulting injuries. The other option would be to cut the tree down, though that is not exactly a good solution.

Call for Professional Tree Trimming for Better Results

With professional tree trimming, the trees within your property become even more presentable. It also helps in improving the value of your home, and it provides you fresh air and shade. When you need to prune trees within your area, call a professional to help you out.

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