Bypass Barn Doors

Bypass Barn Doors

Barn doors are sometimes used in modern houses because of their easy sliding capability. They are usually installed in closed or congested spaces. They allow the opening of one slab when the other one is completely closed.

This configuration is often installed in bedrooms and kitchens. In such places, it works the best due to providing easy accessibility and space zoning. If you have very wide doorways, you can go for bypassing barn doors with two or more slabs. These are the most appropriate solution for such situations.

If you want to design your house according to the latest trends, installing this configuration is a good decision. Rough, massive hardware fits perfectly into loft-style and rustic houses. Despite seeming heaviness, slabs open easily and almost silently, which is especially important for bedrooms.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of bypass barn doors and give you a clear picture of how they are a perfect fit for your bedroom and kitchen. Let’s explore more about them.

Bypass Barn Doors

Bypass Barn Doors for Bedroom

The most common place where people usually use them is their bedroom closets. In most houses, bedrooms are usually rather small in size. They are fitted with furniture that occupies a lot of space, making your room congested.

Traditional double swinging interior doors occupy at least 6 feet of space, and people always feel difficulty in their tracks while opening them. A bypass one can help you out in this case. It occupies less space and provides easy functionality. Besides, it gives more room to other things, which enables you to make good use of every inch.

This configuration is also ideal for separating your bedroom from a home office. When one of your family members works, the doors are closed. When the office stays empty, they can be opened to visually enlarge your space.

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Bypass Barn Doors for the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen and modern cooking spaces, you can’t ignore the idea of installing bypass doors that can greatly simplify your daily kitchen chores. This is a nice option for a doorway between the kitchen and dining room. When you cook, you can close the slabs to prevent noise, cooking smells, and humid air from entering living rooms. When the food is ready, you can open them and pass through with dishes, trays, or other items without exerting force.

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