tree planting

tree planting

Is CTP insurance on your mind? Whether you need to renew your CTP in NSW or need a greenslip for an entirely new vehicle, we know a company that has all your bases covered.

Greenslips 4 Earth are the insurance comparison professionals providing NSW drivers with instant, online CTP quotes from all leading providers. Not only are they lining up all the best deals for you, but they’re also saving our Aussie environment with every CTP they sell.

Saving The Environment, One Greenslip At A Time

How do they do it? For every greenslip they sell, Greenslips 4 Earth ensures that one native Australian tree is planted in its natural environment. By teaming up with One Tree Planted, they’ve already planted over 25,000 trees in the last four years alone.

Why Tree Planting is So Important

Over the years, our native Australian environment has been depleted. What was once lush bushland was cleared decades ago, stripping the land of all natural vegetation and native trees. This has wreaked havoc on the ecosystem, dwindling the population of native birds and other native species that we know and love. Planting trees and reinstating that natural vegetation is slowly giving native species their home back as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The 25 Million Trees Program

One Tree Planted doesn’t just plant trees for Greenslips 4 Earth. They’ve also partnered up with AstraZeneca to work on the 25 Million Trees Program. This massive biodiversity project is working to restore the Australian bushland to what it once was, with a carbon sequestration aspect designed to offset much of the air pollution in the area.

Replanting The Aussie Bushland

Planting trees on such a large scale is no easy feat. It takes more than just planting the trees themselves to ensure that these native plants survive and thrive. One Tree Planted utilises a tried and tested, two-part process to give the landscape the best chance possible of returning to its former glory.

First, they direct seed with an array of native seeds in an effort to regrow essential groundcover. This involves spreading native seeds for kilometres on end in the areas they later intend to plant trees. Doing this ensures that natural ground cover and foliage is there to take root, an essential part of the ecosystem they’re trying to rebuild. Without this initial seeding, the trees would struggle to survive in the harsh, unbroken landscape.

The next step in their two-part process is to plant the trees themselves. This means planting each established seedling by hand to create the larger shrub layer that makes up so much of the native landscape. By the end of the project, they will have planted 20,000 hectares of diverse native plant life.

Get A Greener CTP Green Slip Quote

So, if you’re looking for the best deals on CTP insurance, you know where to go. Greenslips 4 Earth allows you to take part in all the good that One Tree Planted is doing while saving on your CTP insurance.

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