3 Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed in a Tiny Home

3 Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed in a Tiny Home

Whether you’re an interior design aficionado or someone who loves everything about living a simple lifestyle, there’s a lot to love about tiny homes.

They’re cheap. They’re easy to build. And if you’re the type of person who’s attracted to minimal living, it’s hard to beat the elegance of a tiny home.

However, because the price of everything is cheaper when you live in a tiny home, it’s only natural to wonder if you should have solar panels installed. That’s why we’ve put together this list of solar energy benefits. Keep reading to see how solar panels can benefit your tiny home.

  1. Solar Panels Will Give You Green Energy

In eco-friendly circles, everyone’s always looking for more ways to do their part for the environment. Some people drive electric cars. Other people use energy-efficient lightbulbs and super economical toilers.

As the owner of a tiny home, solar panels can give you eco-friendly electricity and heating every single day. If you’re someone who recycles, carpools, and does what you can for the environment, adding solar panels to your tiny home is an environmental no-brainer.

  1. Solar Panels Give You Self-Sustainable Energy

The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of getting solar panels, only to find out that your power source is tapping out within the hour. And if you have the misfortune of dealing with an on-and-off power source, all of that back and forth with local energy providers can start to defeat the purpose of buying a minimalist and self-sustainable tiny home in the first place.

As long as the sun comes up, you can count on your solar panel to take in energy. And for those who want to generate their own electricity, you just can’t beat that kind of certainty. Not to mention, most solar businesses provide 10 to 15 years warranties. However, some, like SunPower by Custom Energy, offer a 25-year complete system warranty.

  1. You Can Get Up and Running Quickly

With thermal energy and other non-traditional heating options, you often have to be in the right place at the right time to make things work. But with solar power, you don’t have to rely on luck to get the electricity you need.

Why? Because you can generate the electricity you need with 20 to 25 solar panels.

You could be on the West Coast or the Midwest. And you might even have your tiny home located in a relatively secluded area. But the beauty of professional solar panel installation is that it’s always available and it can often be done at a surprisingly affordable price.

Should You Get Solar Panels Installed?

When you own a tiny home, the price of utilities, heating, and electricity is often so cheap that you might not be sure if it even makes sense to have solar panels installed. However, between the energy efficiency, self-sustainability, and the ease of getting started, solar panels aren’t just a theoretical nice-to-have in your tiny home — they can do a lot to make your cost of living even more affordable.

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