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In our modern world, there are many different existential threats. These threats range from populist leaders and global tensions right through to the climate crisis and resource depletion. When we are bombarded with negative news and potential threats regularly, it can take a toll on our well-being and overall happiness.

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Solar energy in the forest

That is why today, we will be looking at how solar companies like EVOLVsolar are working towards a happier future; a future that relies on renewable energy for our power. A future where humans live in harmony with nature and not at odds with it. A future where our role as wardens and protectors becomes a communal responsibility. So how does solar energy benefit the environment?

Reduced Air Pollution

The first benefit solar companies provide is a reduction in air pollution. Of course, this helps humans live longer and has a higher quality of life, but the effects are much more profound for the environment. Remember, most living things are not as big as humans, and even small amounts of particulate matter can have detrimental effects on bug, animal and plant life.

When solar energy becomes more available, and fossil fuels are not the main source of our power generation, we will see our air become cleaner.

Slowed Climate Change

Climate change is a reality that we may be too far into to impact. But that does not mean we should simply wait to see how bad it will get. Instead, as humans have always done in times of adversity, this is our final opportunity to rise up and make significant changes. Even if we are not successful in preventing the worst challenges, simply working together will yield impactful results and positive change.

The role of solar companies in this change will be significant. Renewable energy not only reduces the waste and loss of our power production, but it also gives us an opportunity for new research and better development of technologies that can reduce the worst parts of climate change.

energy resource
energy resource

Improved Resource Allocation

The environment will positively benefit from solar energy in resource allocation as well. Of course, there is the renewables vs fossil fuels argument to be made here, but it is not the only resource that can be better suited. When settlers and businesses first began colonizing in the west, it was an untamed land. Now that we know what is housed within stable borders, we can begin to put energy generation in the optimal location. This applies to our food and homes as well, but simply putting energy resources in the best location is a step in the right direction.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our individual carbon footprints are extreme compared to those of our ancestors. Even without going back in history, you need only compare the carbon footprint of an average person in North America to one in Europe, China or Africa to see the disparity. While it is hard for anyone to give up their personal liberties and comforts, that might not be necessary.

With solar energy and the solar companies heading the change, energy might become more widely available. If this comes to pass, our carbon footprints may be reduced without the loss of personal liberties or modern comforts.


Without diving into the detail that is inundated around the Internet, it is safe to say that solar energy will reduce our water consumption. Water is becoming an increasingly rare resource, and any effort we can make to reduce our usage will be beneficial. Solar power can help us spend less water to generate electricity.

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