climate change

climate change

Climate change seems to be knocking at our doors. The same goes for climate change-induced catastrophes, which seem nearer every day. That’s why we believe preparing for climate change impact is key in preparing for the future.

In this article, we will discuss how one can prepare their home, storage, and family for inevitable disaster. You must have heard that the temperature cycles, once appearing every thousand years, now occur in only a decade. That’s why climate change is a problem the entire world is facing, not just a handful of polluters.

How to Help in Stopping Climate Change Impact

Preparing for climate change impact and helping in stopping climate change require the same actions, and here are the ones we took. If you believe you can do more, why not try it out? But first, focus on the baby steps.

Inform Others

Everyone heard about climate change, but it’s up to them if they believe in it. You, as an observer, need to take a side. The importance of teaching others how climate change will affect their lives is immense.

Talking to your friends and family members about your fears will help both sides. In the end, it will show them the perils of climate change that lie ahead and hopefully change their mind.


One of the most obvious tips is to start recycling, especially if you have not done so before. This is preparing you for the days when there will be no single-use plastics at our disposal. Recycling also lowers your greenhouse gas emissions.

You can try learning a few skills, like upcycling and precycling, which can help you minimize your waste. Also, they teach important skills you will need in your post-disaster life.

Change Diet

Cattle used for meat production is the no. 1 carbon emission polluter in the world. That’s why cutting down on that steak or removing meat from your diet can make a lot of difference. Of course, this also goes for dairy products as well.

Be Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is a tip that will not just minimize your carbon footprint, but also your monthly energy bill. Here are our favorite tips for energy efficiency:

  • Use LED light bulbs in your home
  • Seal doors, windows, and any air drafts
  • Unplug electronics when they are not used
  • Use a programmable thermostat
  • Wrap water heater with insulating materials for less heat loss
  • Use electric, instead of gas stovetop appliances

Reduce your Emissions

The world set a goal to minimize car emissions and maximize fuel efficiency in the automotive industry in the forthcoming years. Also, we are focusing more on renewable energy. But these things are not something you can do yourself.

What you can try to do and minimize carbon emissions is to use your vehicle less. This means more walking and better health. An additional thing you can do is to minimize air travel as well.

Adapt to Climate Change

Climate change will make your life more expensive and will include more risks in everyday life. Prepare for extreme weather, from snowstorms to floods. Also, we are expecting a change of number in microbiome and bug life, which will spread diseases more easily.

Adapting your way of life and stocking up on some key products is a must. Remember to try and identify the risk you and your surroundings are facing and prepare in advance.

Modify your Home

Climate change brings floods, storms, and other extreme weather with it. Adapting your home to be ready for climate change impact is a must. This means you can try to take these steps, if applicable to your location:

  • Flood proof your property
  • Invest in backup electricity systems
  • Prepare for droughts and save freshwater
  • Don’t pave the front lawn to promote water drainage
  • Make structural upgrades to keep the roof over your head

Grow your Food

Growing your own food is the most important of all steps since food production can become more costly and hard if climate change strikes. Drought and extreme heat negatively influence not just agriculture, but fishing and hunting as well. That’s why we recommend preparing for the worst-case scenario with a backyard garden.


A climate-change-related disaster is one of the most probable situations we can find ourselves in, sometime in the future. That’s why you need to stock up and prepare the family.

Take our steps to help fight climate change and do your small part. But to also prepare yourself and your surroundings for when all hell breaks loose.

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