electric car

electric car

As someone who cares deeply about the environment, you want to do your part. To that end, you have already installed low-flow shower heads and faucets. You have already switched to LED lights. And you already have a smart thermostat. Additionally, you are looking into going solar. That’s a big step. You are on the road to being fully eco-friendly. It is the part about being on the road that is the sticking point. You are not quite ready to get rid of that gas-powered F-150. But it is a consideration in the back of your mind. What will it take for you to take the next step?

Perhaps it is a matter of setting a good example and teaching your children about the importance of sustainability. That might be enough incentive for you. But what if you don’t have kids? If you are a gear head, some of the most exciting cars on the road are electric. Also, they are brimming with cutting-edge tech. But the best reason to make the leap is that you will be playing an important role in reducing resources and increasing sustainability. That is all great on paper. But what about the reality of owning an electric vehicle? Are you ready? Here’s how to tell.

Can You Charge It Conveniently?

You wouldn’t buy a gas vehicle if there were no gas stations within a hundred miles of where you live. The same is true for an electric vehicle. One of the biggest fears keeping people from purchasing an electric vehicle is that they will run out of juice and not have a convenient way to charge.

Fortunately, you have many good options. There is a good chance that it is trivially easy to find an electric vehicle charging station near where you live and drive. If you don’t see them around, it is probably that you are not looking for them. Your dealer will be able to help you discover the charging stations in your area.

While many people hesitate because of this concern, what you never see on the news is a story about someone who was stranded because their electric car was too far away from a charging station. The reality is that millions of people, many in your neck of the woods, are enjoying the benefits of going electric and suffering none of the drawbacks they once feared. Check in your area for charging stations. And remember, you can always charge your vehicle at home.

Do You Need Something Other Than a Car?

Right now, many companies are announcing their plans for releasing electric trucks. That is a good thing because in the US, the #1 selling car just happens to be a pickup truck. Unfortunately, those vehicles are not yet available. So if you need a truck, electric might not be the way to go. That said, if you are happy with cars, there are many great choices from several major companies that will suit your needs just fine.

A lot of people buy trucks aspirationally. They want to be truck people, but only ever use it like a car with worse passenger affordances. Neither they nor the environment is well served by going with a truck or SUV. If you are one of those people who are driving too much vehicle for your needs, reconsider going with a more traditional car. And while you are making the change to a car, go electric.

Can You Handle the Up-Front Investment?

Going electric will save you money, eventually. Initially, it could cost you more than a gas-powered vehicle. In addition to the vehicle, you might want to add special charging infrastructure to your home. These are not trivial expenses. There are plenty of tax breaks and incentives to go electric. This can offset your initial purchase price. It is also true that electric vehicles tend to be nicer cars in general, with impressive tech packages that would cost you extra in a non-electric vehicle. Owners of electric vehicles generally do not feel they have overpaid. You won’t either.

Going electric does not mean compromise. You will know when you’re ready because you will have ample charging infrastructure, the desire to own a traditional car, and enough money to make the initial investment.

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