Well Water

Well Water

For many people, they don’t need to think much about their water. All they have to do is turn on the faucet and the water is there, ready to be used. But, what if you’re trying to be more independent or are too far away to connect to the mains water supply? Australia is a large country, it’s entirely possible that you need to create your own water supply.

The easiest way to do this is to create a borehole and pump water up from under the ground. In effect, you’ll be making your own well. This is a surprisingly cheap option. Of course, if you’re getting well water then you’ll want to invest in some reverse osmosis water filters to ensure that the well water is clean enough and safe to drink.

In fact, there are a number of contaminants in well water you should be aware of.

Waste Products

Take a moment to consider what is spread on the fields around you. If you have farmland around you there‘s a good chance that fertilizers and insecticides are being used on the ground. Unfortunately, these products can soak through the soil and down onto the water table. They can then enter your well supply, potentially giving you a dangerous issue.

These waste products can cause a number of health issues.

You should note that the nitrates and nitrites in fertilizers can cause serious health problems in infants. They actually reduce the ability of your body to carry oxygen in the blood.  In infants, this can lead to problems breathing while the skin starts to turn blue. Children under six months who get this can die.


There are a number of heavy metals in the ground which can infiltrate your water supply. In general, these metals come from mining operations, underground plumbing, waste disposal centers, and even natural mineral deposits.

The result is an array of heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, and many more. Consistent exposure to these heavy metals allows them to build up in your body and cause kidney issues, liver problems, and even cancer.

Organic Contaminants

There is an array of organic chemicals found in most household products. If you chuck them on the ground when finished or empty them down the drains you’re risking the chemicals going through the soil and contaminating your well water.

The damage is similar to heavy metals, organ failure, problems with your nervous system, and even issues with circulatory and reproductive systems.


These are effectively compounds that have become radioactive. They are generally released into the atmosphere from uranium mining and nuclear power stations.

They can then drift down to the ground and soak into your water supply.  When you consume these you’ll increase the risk of cancer and kidney problems.

If you have a well you need to have a good filtration system and you must undertake regular testing to ensure the well water remains safe to drink.


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