We all know about our present world Pandemic situation and many people died thousands are still sufferings and others are indirectly threatened by COVID 19 virus. Due to the Pandemic world’s economy, Business Operation, Education, Transportation, Agriculture, and many other aspects of life remains stand still.

Due to Lockdown Conditions which is imposed by the individual government through the world peoples are kept themselves at their homes. But do you think Our Environment is recovering itself in this time and people cannot pollute their environment? For Being Virus Issues thousands of Industry is remain off and the chemical factory is shut down and many other harmful activities are being off, which is done by human.

Researchers say 25% reduce carbon emission due to lockdown and 50% reduction nitrogen oxides emission every day. Researchers also said that this result would impact greatly positive in our environment. By using our transportation system and factory related production activities we willingly pollute our Air and our atmosphere as well.

NASA is monitoring our present environmental change, and for this NASA uses (OMI) Ozone Monitoring Instrument to realize the real changes of our present atmosphere condition in the globe. A drastic change of our environment we are noticing and wild animals are now visiting fearlessly in the local area. As people live at their homes and maintain a short life of movement they are indirectly helping our environment. In many polluted cities in world pollution rates are going to decrease level, but a few months ago this city is enormously polluted by human and industrial smoke.

Covid -19 Virus takes many lives on the other hand it saves thousands of lives indirectly from pollution. Now Our air , See , Pond , Hill Tracks, Forest, Local Places like ( Market ), ( Commercial Are ) are free from human pollution.

Joint Research Occurred by the US & China reports that Nitrogen Oxide emission are decreased by 50% in East China, wherein the normal working day the pollution rate was increasingly 15%  or 14 % while it passes its normal economic day .

Natural Resources increase due to Coronavirus as various Fishing Companies around the world is being stopped for being Corona Virus Pandemic, as natural resources find a suitable time to grow and predominate over nature they are rapidly increasing.

In many research result shows us the Air Freshness picture captured by Satellite, which expresses the clearness of our global air,

Do you imagine how humans are polluting their own nature by consciously and subconsciously?

For Being Lockdown issues it is true that we faced several economic problems and international transportation systems are being stopped. Many Production factories and Industries are forced to stop their production activities in this pandemic. Experts declared that if we cannot cope with this virus issues we may face more economic problems and not only developing countries but also highly developed countries would face a great cash crisis. Already IMF declared that Cash deficiency may occur around the global market. So we ought to fight Virus issues and besides economic issues for livelihood.

It is high time to realize the importance of environmental issues and keep ourselves away from pollution. We should remember that if we pollute our atmosphere we indirectly pollute ourselves and such a tremendous virus-like COVID -19 would kill us in thousands rate.

So, What we want to do for us and our coming future?

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