Effect of COVID-19

Effect of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 (corona virus) in this world has both positive and negative impacts. Positive or good impact on the environment and negative or adverse impact on human beings. Due to the lockdown in many countries globally, the pollution levels have reduced owing to the reduction of emission of harmful gases like CO2, CFCs, Green House Gases and Particulate Matter etc.

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  • Mother Earth before Corona Virus:-

Mother earth before Corona virus outbreak was too polluted because of human activities. As we know, pollution levels soar up because of advanced human activities. There are so many types of pollutions, namely water, air, soil, noise etc. The water bodies get polluted due to discharge of wastewater into the drinking water bodies. As a result, many rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans also get polluted which directly affect the animals, coral reefs and plants present in the water.  Due to industrialization and growth of civilization, the forests get cut for construction purpose. This adversely affects the flora, fauna, life chain and the food chain in the forests. Due to air pollution the ozone layer gets depleted which is an indication of increase in global warming. Instead of acting as protectors, humans are destroyers of the environment. The above image shows the pollution level in 2019 which is the reason why ozone layer is disappearing.

  • Mother Earth after Corona Virus Outbreak:

Mother earth after Corona virus outbreak is almost free from pollution.Due to the shutdown of industries and reduced usage of vehicles on account of lockdown in many countries, the pollution level has reduced significantly. There is reduction of water, noise and other types of pollution too. Due to no/limited presence of human beings, the flora and fauna in forest are free to live in their own house. They are free to move anywhere they want to. The ozone layer is recovering because of reduced air pollution which in turn has slowed down the global warming process. In the above image in 2020, there is the reappearance of ozone layer due to the reduction of pollution level.

COVID-19 is dangerous for human beings and they are suffering lot of problems due this virus. But the mother earth is healing and coming to its original state and its great news!

“There are some positive and negative impacts of any situation, so in this case positive impact for mother earth and negative impact for human being.”

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