batteryAlmost every American consumer apart from the ones that are electronic fans are familiar with a limited range of lithium solutions. But the fact is that all lithium chemistries are not developed equally. The common versions that we all are familiar with are made from manganese oxide, cobalt oxide, and nickel oxide formations.

LiFePO4 Vs Other Lithium Batteries

Before going formally into LiFePO4 batteries, let’s outline some info about the Lithium-ion batteries – the lithium battery has really improved in popularity because they have shown to be very vital in powering small electronics such as cellphones and laptops. But recently it has been discovered that the lithium batteries are flammable. This became a major reason why the lithium battery was not used to create big battery banks – to avoid any potential explosion.

Just in time came along a better remedy – the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This version of the lithium solution is non-combustible, and it has the capacity for a lower energy density. LiFePO4 batteries are not just safer but have so many benefits than the lithium chemistries. The PO4 is known for powering high power applications.

One shocking fact is that the LiFePO4 batteries are not really new in the market but just recently start trending in international commercial markets.

Distinguishing Facts of LiFePO4 over other lithium battery solutions

It is safe and has stability

LiFePO4 is known to have extremely steady chemistry. They are developed with a strong safety profile. They are powerful Phosphate-based batteries that provide super thermal and chemical stability, which is able to offer an increase in safety over other kinds of lithium batteries that are produced with other cathode materials. It is safe and reliable.

Incombustible cell

One important feature of the LiFePO4 is that the cells are incombustible. This feature is able to handle the event of mishandling in case of discharging and charging. The LiFePO4 are able to withstand terrible conditions such as rough terrain, freezing cold and scorching heat. They are not flammable, so no fear of exploding or any possible harm. If you are considering using a lithium battery in an unstable environment or dangerous place, the choice for you is LiFePO4.


Determining the performance of a battery is one of the major challenges when considering using it for a given application. Lithium iron batteries are known for their low self-discharge, long life and less weight which makes them so outstanding than the lithium-ion batteries. LiFePO4 can stay for a long as 5 to 10 years longer and their run time exceeds that of lead-acid batteries or any other kind of lithium formation. Their battery charging time is far reduced, which is a very convenient feature too. So, if you are looking for a battery that will last long, stand the test of time and fast charge, then, LiFePO4 battery is the one for you. Just go get a LiFePO4 battery pack for yourself.

Space efficiency

LiFePO4 has another quality feature known as space efficient feature. It is about one-third of the weight of lead-acid batteries and half the weight of other popular manganese oxides. The LiFePO4 offers an effective means of making use of weight and space. This will make your product very efficient.

Environmental impact

LiFePO4 batteries are known to be non-toxic, has not rare earth metals, non-contaminating which make them environmentally safe to be used. Other batteries like the lead-acid and nickel oxide are filled with high environmental risk. This is due to the internal chemical degrade structure which can trigger leakage. LiFePO4 offers many other significant energy saving features which include: charge efficiency and an improved discharge, enhanced lifespan of over 2000 times compared to other batteries, ability to deep cycle during maintaining performance. It is safety conscious as it has been able to pass many safety tests. It is pollution free and just as expected is well affordable.

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