If Your Online Marketing Goes Unnoticed, Everything Else is Smoke.

The real estate marketing is often confused with selling real estate. Several agents mix sales and marketing activities to attract customers and properties with the consequent result that it is not very successful. Expert agents are clear about real estate marketing and apply it first to be able to sell real estate easily and quickly afterwards.

Let’s see, what the difference between the real estate sales and marketing. Marketing are all the activities that a real estate agent carries out, to get and contact their potential clients. The Sale is all those actions that a real estate agent implements to convert those potential clients into clients, closing the sale of a property.

As you can see, real estate marketing precedes the sale and if this is not well planned, sales will be difficult to achieve.

One of the causes of the low productivity of an independent real estate agent is that he focuses too much on the sale and neglects his own real estate marketing.   If you do not feel the foundations of your personal real estate marketing or your agency, you will not be able to get many sales.  In other words, you have to know how to attract qualified customers, like a mobile home buyer in different media and get them continuously. If you do not have qualified information requests, few sales will be generated.

With your personal real estate marketing you will know how to reach your potential clients without needing a bulky budget. You need to know how people look for information about buying, selling or renting a property, property, land, etc. online and offline to attract them and start the task of helping them buy a property. . Every agent needs a personal real estate marketing strategy.

A successful marketing campaign makes sales easier and faster. Your objective with your personal real estate marketing is to get requests for information from qualified clients and this is achieved by generating credibility and trust, something that is not earned in 1 day or with an online advertisement.

Let’s see below what are the 5 keys to real estate marketing on which you should focus your business. Work on these 5 pillars and you will never have recruitment problems. Not of owners, nor of potential clients.

Real Estate Content Marketing:

The real estate marketing content is to provide your customers valuable information to help them make a decision on the purchase, sale or lease of any property or property. Quality information that is distributed free before knowing the potential client to generate credibility in you as a professional.

Today, real estate content marketing is the strategy that guarantees a real estate agent to position themselves well in a certain area quickly. Implementing a content strategy takes planning, resources and time.

Pretty office work, know how to write, choose photos and images, and collect information, graphic design and several other activities. The positive of all this work is that it will serve you for many months. For this reason today, real estate content marketing is used in all sectors or areas. The results show that investment in time and money is highly profitable.

Emerging agents, trained and visionary real estate agents, use real estate content marketing to gain the ground for traditional agencies in their area. In their personal marketing plans they invest time in writing and designing guides, reports or e-books, and videos full of advice and recommendations that they distribute throughout the network and are appreciated by people who need first-hand information so as not to make mistakes when decide to buy or sell. In this sector, if you want to sell, educate first and do it for free.

The Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Every independent real estate agent needs to establish a plan and a personal real estate marketing strategy before beginning the task of selling.

You have to sit down and design a plan according to your personal situation and your area . You have to write your own real estate marketing plan, because you must work like a company. Your business is your company. You need to establish what your strengths and weaknesses are in your market; what means you have available to attract customers and how to use them; who is your competition and how can you compete with it; Know what is the potential of the market in your area, what is your real target audience and establish objectives and budget. There are still those who think that with a couple of advertisements in a real estate portal they will sell a property. It may be, but this is the exception.

You need to establish a personal real estate marketing strategy to make the right decisions. You should not venture to invest in online advertising without first doing this strategic work. This is where many real estate agents fail. They are in a hurry to sell. They prepare a home marketing plan in their mind and intend to sell real estate every month. The improvisation is mediocre.

The Real Estate Video Marketing

This is one of the keys to success in this sector. Video is being imposed online as the preferred means of communication for customers. The real estate video marketing refers not only to present your property with a video; but above all, present your real estate service on video. You will see that you attract more clients with your informative, corporate and zone videos than with your real estate videos. It’s more; your videos of real estate will not be able to sell the property if they are not supported by other videos. There is no reason for the reproduction lists on YouTube.

Every real estate agent must integrate real estate video marketing in their recruitment strategy and learn to record and produce quality videos. You have to invest time and money in acquiring the right material and use software to produce your own videos.

In video is not a novelty. It is here to stay and in a future fenced 70% of the online content, (say Google and Facebook), will be consumed in video. Of course, do not think that the text will be outdated. The video will be used more as a complement to the texts than to replace them.

Agents who use real estate video marketing are capturing very good customers through this medium. Clients that make decisions quickly what’s more, if you want to sell luxury homes, use the video. The photos help, a good description helps. Both are essential. However, the video is the main trigger for the photos to be seen and the text to be read more carefully.

The Real Estate Email marketing

You cannot send an email to a potential client without first having thought and structured well. Email is the main means of online communication and yet few agents dominate the art and science of email real estate marketing. Yes, I said the main one. There is no online medium that shadows the email. For this reason, all real estate marketing campaigns in social networks and search engines rely on email to obtain profitability even video marketing.

Every real estate agent must learn to write emails that cause a response; use the “subject” as an attraction for your customers to open their emails. They must learn to say a lot in few words, to send personalized messages and to work with templates that save time. Oh! And familiarize yourself with the email sequences and with the auto responders.

The email real estate marketing is more than just writing emails. Real estate agents who have created a continuous flow of information requests use email marketing and auto responders to create databases and message sequences that “guarantee” a percentage of conversions of requests in clients.

You have to learn to establish this system and apply real estate email marketing to capture online. Imagine what you could achieve by associating email marketing with real estate video marketing.

The “Branding” Applied to Real Estate Marketing

The 4 previous keys of real estate marketing are based on the time when a personal branding is created and maintained. If you have a business you want to have it for many years and of course you want to increase your fees every year and improve your prestige in the market.

This will only be achieved with the personal branding that is an important part of real estate marketing. The personal image that you transmit must be correct and last over time. Personal branding has a lot to do with post-sales, with the perception that you have of your real estate service and your knowledge of the market.

More and more independent agents tend to specialize to differentiate themselves in the market and improve their personal branding. Specialize in new housing, offices, reforms, investment, second occupation housing, commercial premises or land sales.

Start applying these 5 keys of real estate marketing to your business and you will see how capturing clients and properties will no longer be a problem for you. Selling 2-3 properties per month is not impossible, as shown by many agents who correctly apply real estate marketing to your business.

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