In an age where the global warming is becoming more pressing each day, many businesses are looking for a way to be kinder to the environment, and Super Yachts are no exception. We have compiled the best eco-friendly yachts of 2018, all of them state-of-the-art creations!

X Shore eElectric 8000

X Shore eElectric 8000 Smögen Edition

Recently unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the X Shore eElectric 8000 is a new competitor on the eco-friendly scene. The two BMW batteries that power the boat featuresan advanced water-cooling system which results in longer battery life and better performance, giving this high-tech vessel a range of 40 nautical miles. The boat includes a lightweight hullengineered to take in air from the sides, creating a layer of air between the hull and the water. This feature allows the eElectric 8000 to reduce friction and energy consumption. Despite all of these energy saving measures, the two Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i engines still allow this vessel to reach speeds above 25 knots!

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Black Pearlhas been described as the world’s most advanced superyacht, offering zero-emissions cruising, which is difficult to achieve on a boat of 106.7m. The yacht’s controllable pitch propellers feed energy back into the ship via a pair of shaft generators, providing enough power to support the yacht’s hotel load. The owner has made sure thatenergy is saved at every turn, from the HVAC system to the 70mDynaRig sails that allow Black Pearl to take advantage of the natural resource, the wind. This vessel also will only have reusable water bottles on board to prevent needless waste. Despite using very little fossil fuel, Black Pearl still manages to reach a top speed of 18 knots. The yachtcan achieve approximately four to five hours of battery power when her engines are on full load, and these batteries are expected to last for six to eight years of continual use before they need changing.

Mirabella III

Mirabella III

Mirabella III underwent a major refit to join in on the eco-trend. The owner claims that Mirabella III will now carry only “the greenest and highest-quality fuels for propulsion and generators.” A state-of-the-art grey water cleaning system has been installed that filters the water before returning it to the sea in an environmentally friendly condition. Harmful wastes and toxins are held in special containers and disposed of elsewhere. The yacht has even been stocked with biodegradable golf balls that become fish food when knocked into the sea from the onboard driving range. Mirabella III is also a member of the Volunteer Observing Ships fleet, collecting and sending data through to the National Oceanography Centre to help conservation studies.



Safirais renowned on the eco-scene for its environmentally friendly design.Every aspect of its interior is made from reclaimed, recycled or remnant materials while still being the picture of luxury. Her Caterpillar C32 ACERT engines can run on 15 per cent biodiesel, allowing a top speed of 8.5 knots and a nautical mile range of 8000.LED lights are used throughout the 39.3 metre yachtto reduce the electrical load. This combined with good insulation allows Safira to carry smaller generators, which uses much less fuel.Esthec replaces teak on the deck, resembling wood but providing an ecologically sound alternative. The floor throughout the guest areas is reclaimed oak, wood discarded from another project and re-milled to be new.Safira shows that eco-friendly yachts can be created with nothing lost in luxury and performance.

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