wind power denmark

The transition to renewable energy is one that is inevitable. As natural resources are depleted faster and the human population only continues to grow, it becomes more important than ever for countries to take a stand. Demark is among those blazing the trail. Whether you are interested in learning about the alternatives to energy or need background information when you are looking for content writers needed for your latest eco-friendly project or report, this will go over the information you need to know.

Why Denmark is the Leader in Wind Technology

Denmark is a leading example in wind technology because they represent the possibility of transitioning from dependence to renewable energy. The year 2015 was considered a landmark year for the country, letting them create an impressive 42% of energy from their wind technology alone.

Denmark also is paving the way as an example of revenue that can be generated from wind energy. By the end of 2016, an impressive 32,898 people worked in the Denmark wind industry. Additionally, their statistics regarding exports show that there is money to be made as the world makes their shift—the country make 1 billion EUR in 2017 from wind experts alone.

The Timeline of the Wind Energy Shift in Denmark

As you sit to get Myhomeworkdone and learn about energy change, you will notice that the shift toward renewable energy in Denmark began decades ago. Denmark began its shift toward change in the 1970s, following the 1973 oil crisis when prices shot sky-high. This crisis was the turning point, as experts agreed that Denmark needed to ease its dependency on foreign oil, particularly oil in the Middle East.

wind power denmark

By 1979, the first wind turbine was installed—a Vestas 30 kW turbine. This technology was a success—so much so that Denmark was able to make money selling their technology to countries around the world.

These initial wind turbines were nothing compared to the models available today. One of the most advanced is from the company Vestas—the turbine is exceedingly large and has a power of 8MW. Its base weighs a staggering 4,000 tons, with the technology weighing 1,300 tons and being 220 meters high.

Continued Renewable Energy Success

Each year since the installation of wind turbines, Denmark has increased its revenue and energy production. It outlined its goals in the Energy Act of 2012—to reach 50% of energy production from wind power by 2020. This seems very doable, since the country managed to produce 42% of its energy from the turbines in 2014. Some days, the wind is so powerful that Demark can sell its energy to the surrounding countries, including Sweden, Germany, and Norway. This happened 60 separate times in 2015 and there were several days when the country was powered entirely on power from the wind turbines.

Denmark’s Role in the Wind Industry

wind power denmark

Demark is known as being one of the windiest countries, making it prime real estate for companies trying to capitalize on wind technology. This is a good point to argue if you chose to get a persuasive essay from a company like Myhomeworkdone. In the last few years, Denmark has truly taken a stand in wind technology. The country is home to hundreds of companies that have invested in different parts of the wind technology process, including offshore windfarm financing, research and development, analysis of wind technology, assembly and production of wind turbines, consultancy for consumers looking to invest in wind technology, and more.


The wind conditions in Denmark make it a prime place to take over leadership in the goal toward a better, less-fossil-fuel-dependent future. It will take countries like Denmark to pave the way to set an example that other countries can invest in and learn from, making renewable energy an option for everyone.

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