Saving money and adopting green practices are often two large concerns for businesses. This is because by reducing costs, it could help to provide funds for further investment and growth. While adopting a more environmentally friendly approach can be advantageous by helping a company stand out from the competition.

While there are many ways to save or go green, installing a smart meter in your business premises can be a quick, simple and effective technique that can help reach both goals.

No Surprise Bills

With a traditional meter, you typically pay an agreed amount every month. However, this is based on estimated and may not reflect actual usage. As such, when a reading is taken, it can lead to a surprise bill with a charge that reflects the difference between the estimated and actual figure.

Instead, a smart meter shows your usage in real time. This is sent directly to your energy supplier, meaning your business is charged for the amount used, resulting in accurate bills. This prevents surprise charges, reducing the financial strain of unexpected utility costs.

Adjust Energy Usage

With the ability to view real-time energy consumption comes the opportunity to reduce your company’s utility bills. This is because you will be able to monitor how much energy is being consumed, providing you with the opportunity to adjust your company’s usage.

A smart meter could help you to become more aware of how your business is using energy. In turn, this could allow you implement practices to cut your bills and save money, as well as lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Cut Down on Admin

Sorting out bills, dealing with paperwork and keeping on top of admin can be time consuming. This can be a particular problem for startups and SMEs, where staff numbers can be limited. In this case, employees need to be able to focus on core business activities, in order for the company to grow and expand.

This is where installing a smart meter could help. By preventing the need to take readings or organise additional payments for accurate bills, it could help to save a little time every month, allowing staff to focus on the important things.

A device that records real-time energy consumption, a smart meter could benefit your business by saving money, reducing admin time and helping you to find areas where you can save, all while becoming greener.

For further ideas on how your business can make savings and be more environmentally friendly, use a service like Utility Saving Expert to compare electricity and read these going green tips.

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