Information from climatologists indicates that due to global warming, there is an increased likelihood of experiencing extreme weather conditions. Some regions have recently experienced these changes already, which are manifested in different forms including record-setting heat. As long as humans continue burning fossil fuels, extreme weather events will become a norm and this could escalate to levels that are not bearable.

If you are looking for ways to shield yourself from extreme weather conditions, here are tips that could be useful.

Get a survival pack

Each family is supposed to keep a handy survival pack. The pack should contain emergency essentials that could help in coping at least a few days after a disaster. The items that should come in this list include water, food, blankets, matches, a cell phone, first-aid kit, a transistor radio, and a flashlight. Make sure the water allocation made is sufficient to last at least three days for each person. Canned nuts, energy bars, and dehydrated milk can be stored for long and are essential items that provide good energy sources.

Think water purification

During extreme weather conditions, like in the case of a hurricane, water supply is likely to be disrupted. The water available might also be undrinkable, so the best idea is to have a purification solution in store just in case. Groundwater is likely to be contaminated by sewage, and storing water ahead of disasters may not be feasible. Water filtration technology has advanced to allow you to access clean and safe water when you need it, so get a handy filter.

Sturdy roofing solution

Weather changes like extreme heat or wind could weaken your roof. To prevent this from happening, you should think about installing roofing material that is sturdy and capable of withstanding all the extremities that come with weather changes. A good example of a roofing system that would help is synthetic slate roofing, which is resistant to wind, fire damage, and water. It easily handles friction and pressure without collapsing.

Mind about clothing

Harsh weather alters many things and could, among other things, knock down power grids. It could get extremely cold that you have to wear additional layers of clothing in order to withstand the weather. It’s essential to ensure you have the right clothing for different weather conditions, especially if you live in a place that is prone to experiencing frigid temperatures.

Educate yourself on handling extreme weather

Each type of weather change gives you a unique challenge. When it floods, you are encouraged to stay at a higher point. But you are safer in a basement when a tornado is about to hit. To ensure you know what to do during extreme weather changes, it’s important to keep tabs with reputable sources of information that guide you on disaster preparedness and management.

Disasters happen without notice and it’s important to be prepared for any kind of problem. Extreme weather changes occur in a manner you cannot control and that is why you need to understand how to conduct yourself as well as the items you need to avail to survive. Check that you have the right clothing and consider storing food stuffs enough for at least days as you anticipate rescue.

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