Energy Security Debate

As we all know that energy is the most vital resource that should be embedded in the development strategies of the developing countries .The challenge before the developing countries is to improve energy availability and access for their people by using ways that are sustainable,that address energy security concerns and optimize energy management along with minimization of the environmental damage.

Energy Security Debate


Ensuring equity in distribution along with underscoring the need for more efficient and environmental friendly energy utilization in the developed industrialized countries is as significant as to provide easy access of energy by reducing the sharp imbalances in energy consumption among the developed and developing countries , within the urban and rural and between the rich and poor people .A rigorous Environmental Impact Review process should be established for transparent assessments of environmental and social impacts linked within the energy sector .The assessment needs to be carried out by independent auditors using same international standards all across the world.

 Public Participation is also an important component for a comprehensive approach for tackling the energy security issues .Various socio-economic, cultural and topographical factors need to be taken into account to address the multi-dimensional and cultural factors such as : people’s needs and priorities , addressing the environmental concerns at all levels ,identifying all stakeholders ,improving the energy efficiency ,social audit from the urban and rural people etc.

While, Liberalization or deregulation and privatization of the energy sector and concerns to global security may give rise to many debatable issues but undoubtedly there is need for more efficient and environmental friendly energy utilization in the developed industrialized countries .Funding ,technology transfer and capacity building in the energy sector of the developing countries also needs attention.

The strategy should address integrated environmental friendly energy plans for reconciling the challenges of climate change, access to energy and security of energy supply. The developed countries are required to be more socially responsible and be more supportive towards developing countries so that the energy needs of the developing countries and their people are met.

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