Energy Availability

Energy is scarce in developing and under developing countries and the biggest priority of these countries is to increase energy production from all sources in order to meet their developmental needs and requirements. Energy wastage should also be minimized so that the economic situation of the people can be bettered and agricultural and non-agricultural productivity can be augmented.

Energy Availability

According to various studies, the broad energy consumption and usage pattern may be to an extent is similar in most developing countries ,there would be some variation in specific end uses and energy forms used from one topographical region to the other representing different agro climatic zones and ecosystems within a country. This brings out the need for proper energy assessment, planning, production, consumption and management at all levels and for all stakeholders. The developing countries not only have to increase their commercial energy production in the upcoming years by using renewable sources but also have to reduce the disparities within their own rich and poor to provide easy energy availability and accessibility to all in a sustainable way.

Region based micro level planning in an inclusively integrated manner is required for meeting the energy needs for development , thus at all levels of production and consumption the renewable energy resources have to be included.  Attaining lower energy intensity could be one of the objectives along with Decarbonizing of the national and regional economies. This will require the development of renewable energies as well as deployment of new technologies such as sequestration of carbon in cleaner fossil fuel systems, the commercialization of bio fuels and development of new forests and afforestation at a larger level.

However,  Energy availability and accessibility are very significant for energy security and it is very important for the society to accept and adopt major changes in areas like transportation, housing , urbanization and playing their own individual parts .The evolution of human behavior must also play a very constructive role in attaining Energy security to one and all .

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