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For the past 15 years, I’ve been running my own garage and I never thought about changing the type of car I’m driving. During those 15 years, I’ve had two different cars, and both of them used petrol. When it was time for me to buy a new car, my kids were keen on making me get the same type of car they both drive – an electric car. And as always, they had it their way and I ended up buying a 2014 Chevy Spark EV. I have to admit that I was rather skeptical about electric cars, probably because I’ve spent my entire life working on fuel guzzlers, just like the ones I previously owned. But as I was going for my very first ride in my new Chevy Spark EV, I was pleasantly surprised. But more on that later.

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Electric cars are easier to maintain

When I was buying the car, the car dealer was constantly talking about how this machine requires much less maintenance than traditional cars. I have to say that I didn’t really trust him at first, since I saw many things go wrong with just any type of car. Still, ever since I started driving my Chevy Spark, I started enjoying maintaining my car more than ever. Why? Well, there’s just less things to do (just like the car dealer said) and you can actually enjoy maintaining your car instead of just waiting to finish and hit the road. I never got a chance to take a look at what’s inside this car before, but it turns out that without an engine, transmission, spark plugs, fuel tank, distributor and few more things, this is a relatively simple machine. It has its electrical systems, but these don’t require anywhere near the maintenance traditional cars do. And even though I own a garage, I really enjoy having a car that requires so little maintenance.

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These little things are helping the environment

We’ve all heard so much about going green, but after some time, you just start ignoring it. I never really paid much attention to what kind of effect I had on the environment, until I started driving my Chevy Spark. I was really surprised to see how its motor is clean and efficient. And I have to admit that I felt a bit proud that I own a car that doesn’t hurt the environment. The first time I got home after driving my new car, I went straight to my laptop and did some research on how electric cars are saving the environment. And even though I thought I knew much about it, it turns out there’s much more to it. This went on for a few more weeks and in the end, I started encouraging others to think about going electric as well. Moreover, I’m really looking into the possibility of installing solar panels in my home, in order to reduce my carbon footprint even more.

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They’re everywhere

I did see a few electric cars before, but I never really paid much attention to them. But ever since I started driving one of these, I started spotting every single electric car on the road. And they really are everywhere. And with new models being released, I think we can expect to see even more people going electric in the future. I also started noticing more and more ads and articles about electric cars. It’s even possible to rent an electric car now. And that’s definitely something I intend to do next year. My wife and I usually fly some place overseas for summer and rent a car once we reach our destination. And the next time we do that, I’m only going to consider renting an electric car. In the end, I think I started saying goodbye to the fossil fuel cars right on time as the era of electric cars is only about to start.

All in all, a simple machine such as a Chevy Spark has managed to turn an old petrolhead into a real electric fanatic. If you’ve never stepped into one of these before, make sure you go electric when buying your next car. Or simply rent one of these little things for a couple of days, so that you can take a glimpse at what electric cars can do.

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