The bedroom is often an area where proper lighting is not taken seriously – after all, you don’t really do much in the bedroom (except sleeping, and for this no light is necessary). Many people therefore don’t opt to invest a small amount of money into the lighting requirements of the bedroom, either because they find it unnecessary, or because they don’t understand the benefits of great lighting ideas.

However, those familiar with the different kinds of lighting (ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting) understand that the illumination in your bedroom can make a world of difference; it can transform this functional room into an oasis of splendor that you usually only see in high-end hotels or other ‘posh’ locations. And it’s surprisingly easy to accomplish! Here’s your all-in-one guide to bedroom lighting: what you really need.

In general

Natural light is always the best way to go, simply because it is free and it is the most healthy; it speaks to our biorhythm and lets us live well. However, in the evening or during the winter, it’s not always possible to rely on it. Have plenty of artificial light around, but don’t make it too bright – a dimmer switch is always a good idea.

Task lighting

You may not be doing a lot of work in your bedroom (unless you have a desk there), but you may still want some good lighting for purposes of reading, or perhaps grooming or makeup. These kinds of tasks require good lighting that are sufficient for the specific purpose. Have the light localised or pointed at the ‘working’ area.

Accent lighting

Think of it as ‘mood lighting’ – as the accent lighting will allow you to relax and get into the frame of mind required for a good night’s rest. Think of soft hues and colours that help you unwind.

Decorative lighting

You probably don’t have many guests in the bedroom, so the decorative part is a personal thing. It’s often nice to have a decorative lamp, spotlight, or pendant industrial lighting in the bedroom, as it gives the area a sense of style and it lends itself to individual aesthetic indulgence.

Everyone needs general lighting, and task lighting is also required for most – even if it’s just a lamp at the side to read a book with at night. However, there are so many ways in which the room could be arranged in a much nicer way, and accent lighting or decorative lighting is often forgotten. Furthermore, never underestimate the power of the dimmer; by installing dimmer switches for various lights and by choosing the colours of the bulbs (from cool to warm), you can truly transform your bedroom into the most luxurious place in your home.


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