solar power

The summer months are here and with it will come the beach parties, camping trips and hiking trips just like they should. However, as tourism has been found to contribute to about 5% of yearly global greenhouse gas emissions and a whole lot of other negative impacts on the environment, it only makes sense if we take that extra bit of care to impact the environment in the least harmful way possible. In order to help you do just that, we have listed the following awesome solar power gadgets that will not only keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, but will also provide you with more convenience than you ever thought was possible while exploring the outdoors.

solar power
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The Solar Powered Tent

When the coated solar threads are woven right in with the fabric of your tent, you are pretty much guaranteed to have power all throughout the day and some hours of the night as well. It’s a brilliant concept from Kaleidoscope that will surely appeal to campers and hikers all around the US. The Wireless control hub inside the tent will allow you to charge your smartphones, tablets, etc. and it has in-built Wi-Fi to make sure that you are connected even when deep inside the woods or high up the mountains. If all this isn’t enough, then marvel at the thought that the in-built heating system will also keep you warm at night and it will glow at night to give out your location if you need to! The only gripe with the solar powered tent by Kaleidoscope is the fact that it isn’t available for the general public… yet.

Portable Solar Power

Nothing defines the term portable solar power more literally, usefully and productively than the all-in-one mobile solar power systems and cell power packs brought into the market for the responsible camper by Peppermint. Depending on your needs, budget and carrying capacity for the trip, you can opt for any one of the mobile solar power systems they have on sale. They can be used to charge/power pretty much anything from laptops and gaming consoles to cell phones and power tools. Even if you set aside the green advantage, having one of these at your disposal pretty much means that you are never really cut out from civilization, even when you are enjoying the bliss of nature. Also, it will most likely make buying most other solar gadgets unnecessary!

Solar Powered Cooler

Whether you are on the beach sunbathing or in the middle of the woods taking a hike on a sunny day, cold water and drinks are a must have. Fortunately for us, the sunnier it gets, the better it is for a solar powered cooler. It’s like the ultimate example of beating the sun with its own heat! Also, most of these also allow you to charge small portables like smartphones.

Although they didn’t make it onto this short list, solar powered headphones, reading lamps and speakers also deserve honorable mentions. As you can probably see from this list, going green isn’t only responsible and the right thing to do, it can be quite fun and very useful as well.

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