garage door

garage door

Garages were originally designed as a parking space for cars. But who said that the space can’t be used for other purposes? If you haven’t purchased your dream car, but own garage space, the walls of which just stare emptily all day long, why not use the space for something useful? You can store your extra stuff, garden supplies, tools and more here. When you have decided to spend more time in your garage, don’t forget to take care of the garage door as well.

Automation has been a great boon for garage doors. All you need is to ensure that your garage door installation and repair is taken care of by professionals, such as those in Barrington like J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, who specialize in residential & commercial garage doors, while also providing garage door openers in Algonquin, Elgin & Cary, Crystal & McHenry, Lake Zurich & Lake In the Hills. You can choose from chain driven garage door openers, belt driven or screw driven openers, although the chain ones are very popular as a reliable type of garage door opener.

Now, when the garage doors and their openers are sorted, here are a few ideas that will help you make the most of your garage, rather than just a space to park your cars.

4 Ways to Spruce Up Unoccupied Garage Space

  1. Storage Space: If you just need to use the garage for storing stuff, try to keep things organized instead of piling up a load of what looks like junk. Here are a couple of DIYs you can try to add storage space. You can also take a look at videos on the internet.
  • Install Storage System on Ceiling: Looking more like a decoration, a storage system on the ceiling saves a lot of space on the floor.
  • Entire Storage Wall System: Easily customizable according to your storage needs, a storage system on the wall works best to accommodate smaller tools on a hinged pegboard system, along with a ladder and garden hose.
  1. Transform the Garage into a Home Gym: Those who want to stay fit but don’t like going to the gym, either due to the expense or the crowds of people, can create a gym space in their home. However, if the lack of space at home is stopping you from doing so, why not use the garage? Create a list of equipment and items you need and get started.
  1. Convert it into an Office or Work Studio: If you are a small business owner, you can transform your garage into a home office quite easily. It will provide you privacy, away from whatever is happening inside the house, while helping you focus on work or even meet people without them entering your home.
  1. Emergency Bedroom: Many a times, a few extra guests are difficult to accommodate. This is where your garage space comes as a solution. Offering privacy, an unoccupied garage space can be easily converted into a bedroom, using a convertible bed and other amenities.

Before you move into the garage for any of the above purposes or more, undertake a garage door inspection to ensure safety. There are professional service providers for residential and commercial garage door repair & installation in Barrington and its surrounding areas to choose from.

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