green gadget

green gadget

More and more people are relying on electronic devices as an essential part of their day to day lives. However, the race to keep up with technology is having a serious impact on our environment. With this in mind, the demand for greener gadgets is higher than ever and, good news, industries are finally showing progress in creating more energy-efficient, long lasting products! Head over to Look What’s Cool to find some of the greatest products out there. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the green gadgets of the future:

MIT Smart Cities have designed a model which could well be the future of public transportation. The small electric cars can be stacked against each other when they are not in use – just like trolleys at a supermarket. Up to 8 cars can be stacked into one parking space! Not only will this save a lot of room, it will be a whole lot more convenient for the public. As the cars are electric, it will also be saving a lot of energy. Save the date to get it first in your locality.


Inspired by nature, particularly photosynthesis, a phone with solar panels has been created. The solar cells charge your device on the go, which is extremely beneficial considering phone batteries barely last 20 minutes these days! This phone also acts as a bracelet, contributing to a greener and more fashionable future.

On a slightly more bizarre note, Je-Hyun Kim designed a cell phone with a natural life-cycle. The grassy casing on the Natural Year Phone concept will slowly dissolve, leaving the keypad and screen to be recycled. Although extremely economically friendly, you may want to avoid using this phone on a rainy day.
The EcoReco scooter is 100% battery powered, letting you go up to 500 miles on just $1. Unlike other motored scooters, it is completely green and produces no pollutants or emissions at all.

iBamboo Phone Speaker
The iBamboo phone speaker is the most low-tech environmentally conscious gadget to date. Basically, it is a piece of bamboo with openings at each end and a slot for your iPhone. This may seem ridiculously simple, but the sound produced is exceptionally good. In terms of costs, it is priced at $25, so you will also be saving a whole lot of money on your next speaker.

Kinetic Chargers
Portable chargers have become a necessity, but how often do you forget to charge that up too? A device has been created which works all around the power of motion. It can be carried in your pocket and receives energy when you move. Once fully charged, you can charge your phone up in 2 seconds! Simple!

With more and more inventions coming to life every day, it is very promising to see that we are working towards a greener future. Exciting times are ahead for gadget lovers.

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