Many of us, despite knowing that global warming and climate change are happening, think it’s too big for us to do anything about. Students assume living a greener life will cost money, or take time, which if you are studying important degrees such as an MSN administration, you don’t have. However, if you are a student, you will be pleased to learn there are many small changes you can make to lead a greener life and do your part in saving our planet.

Put on a Sweater

Instead of turning on the heating as soon as you get a little chilly, put on a sweater. Close doors and windows. Buy, or make, a draft excluder. Do everything you can to keep your home warm. If you do need to switch the heating on, turn the thermostat down a few degrees.


Walking places instead of driving will keep you fit and help cut down on harmful CO2 emissions. When you do need to drive, try to carpool when you can.

Switch It Off

Fully powering down your TV and computer instead of leaving it on standby can save much more energy than you might think over a year. You should also turn lights off when you leave rooms and do laundry at a lower temperature.

Make Notes Electronically

Stop wasting paper on notepads. There is no need. Write your notes on a laptop or tablet. You could even use an app to record lectures, and then type them up later.

Reuse Bags

Plastic and paper shopping bags are one of the most wasteful things going. There really is no need to get new bags every time you buy something. Take your own tote bag or reuse disposable bags.

Reuse Bottles

We all know that we’re meant to drink more water. Yet, there is no need to buy a new bottle every time. Either buy a reusable bottle or just reuse a disposable one. Another huge waste is paper coffee cups. Purchase a flask and ask coffee shops to fill it for you.


When it comes to garbage, separating recyclables takes barely any time and goes a long way towards doing your part for the environment. Buy a bin for home that helps you separate recyclables, or just keep a bag separate for recyclables.

Meat Free Monday

Raising livestock releases huge amounts of greenhouse gasses. The less meat we eat, the less toxic gas is released into the atmosphere. If everyone went vegetarian for just one day a week, it could make a positive change to the environment.

Avoid Aerosols

All cosmetics and beauty products are available in either roll on, pump action, or squeeze tubes. There really is no need to buy aerosols anymore.

Buy Less

Just try to generally cut your waste. Only buy what you need, and buy second hand where you can. When it comes to food, make meal plans and shopping lists to avoid over shopping.

If you are studying an MSN in nursing administration, you clearly have a desire to work helping people. These changes are your chance to start now. Most of these changes also have the bonus of saving you money, which is also good news for a cash strapped student.

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