Environmentally Friendly

Most drivers will agree that the daily commute to work by car is dull, tedious and often a road rage nightmare (especially if you’re running late!).  On top of that is the guilt that every day you’re adding to the world’s carbon emissions and global warming; it’s not a good feeling, is it?  However, the good news is there are travel choices out there which are not only more environmentally friendly but can benefit your health and well-being too.

Environmentally Friendly
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Walk or Cycle

Ok so you need to work fairly close to home for this to be a viable option but if that’s the case then walking or cycling to work is definitely a green mode of transport to consider.  In terms of carbon emissions, it is the best of the best as the only carbon you’re emitting is in the air you’re breathing and not in your footprint.

It also has a whole heap of health benefits; not only will it improve your fitness but a daily bout of fresh air and exercise reduces stress levels and improves brain function and memory.  So not only will you be raring to go by the time you reach the office but you won’t need that gym membership anymore either.

Public Transport

Not everyone is a fan of public transport but it’s a surefire way to reduce your carbon footprint; the more people who use it means the fewer cars there are on the road.  Most big cities have an affordable and reliable public transport system and the accumulative cost of a ticket will certainly be less than what you spend on fuel.

The other benefit to commuting on public transport is the extra time it gives you before work.  The chances are the time spent before you leave the house is used up rushing around getting ready (or hitting snooze!) and once you’re in the car there’s absolutely no way you can do anything other than concentrate on the road.  Whereas on public transport you can use the time to reply to emails, read, catch up on the news or listen to a podcast meaning you’ll probably feel in control of your day when you reach your workplace.

Ride Share

One of the hottest trends in the transportation industry at the moment is ride sharing.  The general concept is that a group of people who are all going in a similar direction travel in the same vehicle.  Ok, so you’re still adding to the greenhouse gasses but it is actually a lot more eco-friendly than five people driving individual vehicles at the same time.

The great thing with this option is that you’re still getting the convenience of travelling in a car but at a much lower cost.  There are also lots of options available; you could organize a car share with colleagues or people you know but there are also sites like https://rideshareapps.com/ which provide information and services making it easier than ever to share your commute with others.

All-in-all green transportation has a number of benefits, not only is it helping the environment but it can also improve your health and your bank balance!  So, unleash your inner eco-warrior and make your commute a happier one.

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