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Guest Blog Guidelines

Guest Post: A guest post should not promote your business and must contain related content typically covered on The Environmental Blog. We will not allow links back to your site in the body of the post. External links are allowed in the guest post but must be related to the topic of the article and must be from an authority source. We strongly encourage non-profits to submit guest posts to us.

Are you a Non-Profit?
If you are an environmental non-profit, we will publish a uniquely written guest post for free after review of topic and title.

An author bio may be included at the bottom of the post. The author bio may include one external link to your website only and may not be for a company or business you are writing in place of or contain SEO phrases or keywords linked to the company or business you are writing for…To summarize you may only place one external link of your site URL. Please view our Sponsored Post page for less restrictions on the topic and link placement (all sponsored post links will have rel=nofollow attribute added).

Submission Guidelines

  • Having a Klout Score of at least 40 is a plus…the higher your Klout Score the better.
  • Please include in the subject line: Guest Post
  • Please try to make the post at least 650 words long.
  • Please keep it about the environment. If you are unsure, please send me an email before you write something.
  • Guest posts submitted with SEO targeted keywords/url’s in the author bio will be asked to purchase a sponsored post…unless your are a non-profit or non-governmental organization.
  • You must include 1 or 2 suggested pictures at least 670 pixels wide. See below for picture details.
  • You must include 2 embedded tweets as a link url in your submission. This helps make your post more dynamic and media rich.

If we do publish a guest post from you, we would hope that you help promote the article in your social media circles to help further expand your audience. This is why we take your Klout score into consideration.

Other things to keep in mind:

Original/Unique Content Only: We will publish original content only … we check all submissions through for plagiarism and content published somewhere else. We will reject your submission if it does not pass copyscape or we find the article published elsewhere online.

Note to Submitters:
We reject more than 75% of guest post submissions due to poorly written or generic/boring articles. If you want an article on our site, it should be High Quality content that is creative, interesting, and useful for readers.

Additionally, submission of a guest post does not guarantee you will be published. We reserve the right to selectively choose which articles we’d like to publish, that being said we are not overly picky, we are just trying to avoid spammers. Additionally, we reserve the right to add the rel=nofollow attribute to any links. We reserve the right to allow doFollow links that we agree with editorially.

Be Creative and Noteworthy: Check our site for topics that have already been covered. Your chances of submission go down if we’ve already covered a subject matter you’d like to submit.

Sources: Please link your sources for content so we can avoid any issues with plagiarism.

Images/Videos: Please include photos or videos with your submission. Images must be attached as an extra attachment, be 670 pixels wide, and must be an original picture by you, from public domain, from a corporate media publishing kit, or from creative commons (Flickr Creative Commons is a good source). Please link the source of your image, this will not count as an external link in-post. If you do not include a GREAT picture in your submission, chances go way down for publication because that means we have to spend extra time looking for one.

Captivate Us: We want submissions that are fresh, new, different, and unique. The more flare the better! Your chances of getting published are reduced with boring, dry, and un-interesting writing styles.

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