Sustainable Fishing Methods to Fish More Responsibly

Sustainable Fishing
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Picture: James Wheeler Many people describe fishing as a hobby and a way to get out in nature and enjoy everything it has to offer, while others head to the

7 Sustainable Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Business

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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for the consumer pool, which is dominated by Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Modern-day consumers have high expectations of their chosen brands. According to a recent

Sustainable Branding 101: How to Design Promotional Bags for Your Business

printed bag
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The more frequently you can present your branding message to customers, the more certain it is that they’ll remember it. Promotional marketing works so well because of this repetition, but you’ll

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You: 7 Daily Basics For Green Life

green lifestyle
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Now that 2022 is coming to a close, there has never been a better time to start living more eco-friendly. Every day you hear the horrifying facts about how climate

How using space tech helps humanity move toward a sustainable future today

sustainable future
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On October 4, EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub organized a webinar on applications of satellite remote sensing and imagery

How Food Waste is Degrading the Environment

wasted food
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Did you throw out your dinner because you were worried about overeating, felt full, or were turned off by the flavor? Did you realize that by throwing food out, you’re

Why Environmental Education Is Important for Kids

teaching kids
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Children are a powerful and endless source of wonder. They see things with fresh eyes and marvel at everyday things others have grown accustomed to. They also have a tremendous

The Undeniable Value of Eco-Conscious Homes — How Homeowners and Developers Can Make a Difference

Eco-Conscious Homes
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Nine in ten homeowners made eco-friendly home improvements last year, according to one survey from the home services platform Angi. Some of the most popular ecological improvements included the installation

From Clothing to Planned Menus: Five Easy Eco Swaps

organic cotton
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Living a greener life is on everyone’s mind, but with the chaos of the every day demanding constant attention, it can sometimes be challenging to commit to those eco-friendly choices.

How Cloud-Based Access Control Can Reduce Buildings’ Global Emissions Footprint

reduce global emission
August 31, 2022 0 Comments 2 tags

In 2022, using cloud-based storage systems has become part of our daily lives. Cloud-based systems are undoubtedly beneficial, whether for personal use to upload photos, save files, or for professional