Environmental Policy

Access mats are a portable platform that can be placed on the earth to support drilling rigs, camps, helipads, and even tanks. It can also be helpful to provide a roadway over unstable ground and pipelines. Access mats not only help to minimize soil disturbance but also reduce the compaction of soil, the chance of rutting and risk for erosion. They can also be known as environmental mats because they provide considerable benefits in reducing the carbon footprint caused by the industrial industry.

When to use an access mat

There are many reasons why someone might use an access mat:

  • Many worksites are in remote areas which can make for a challenging situation to work in. Access matting will provide a type of road to bring in crews.
  • Bringing in big equipment can be difficult and take long periods of time. It can also cause delays without a proper roadway.
  • Heavy equipment that might damage the earth causing issues with the government on protected land.
  • When you need to adhere to environmental laws.
  • Sensitive earth (including mud, flora, and fauna) might be directly beneath your workstation, using an access mat can help to preserve the environment.
  • If you need to go across a pipeline in order to work on a project, access mats provide a well-balanced and hard surface for your work equipment.
  • If you are looking to avoid worker’s compensation claims from slips and falls, access matting can provide a safer workstation for your employees.

Types of environmentally friendly access mats

There are a few different types of access mats, made for different activities and different materials. Access mats generally provide a surface for vehicles and machinery to reach job sites safely, but there are also mats designed for cranes and oil rigs, which are designed for heavier use.

Wood access mats

Usually designed with oak or fir, there is also the option for a combination of the two. Oak mats are known to be more durable than fir but also carry a higher cost. As a result, Fir is usually used for short term products. Combination mats are usually priced in the middle, and supply a bit more durability than fir, but less than oak.

SiteSeal access mats

Designed by Diamond T Services, an access matting expert, SiteSeal combines the benefits of both plastic and wood. This is the highest performing mat on the market, having been field-tested supporting over 200,000 pounds. They also have flat storage inside any standard ISO shipping container and are phytosanitary certifiable.

Access matting does help the environment

The bottom line regarding access mats is that they are a great option if you are looking to protect the environment. Access mats are an affordable solution to not only a safer worksite, but also provide the ability to be more productive, and reduce delay. No matter if you are in an oilfield, mining or in construction, access mats can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

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