It is becoming increasingly apparent that we need to act now to prevent the damaging effects of climate change. Governments worldwide are looking at strategies to help reduce or offset their carbon emissions, with the UK pledging to be carbon neutral by 2050. So how exactly are countries aiming to achieve this?

While the rise of the veganism and a push for more sustainable living may currently be making headlines, in the UK, one of the main strategies has been to try and reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. Much of this has been aimed at cars, with the UK government offering grants towards electric and hybrid vehicles, lower car tax on less polluting vehicles and exemption from congestion charges.

These methods have helped to increase the number of electric cars on the road, although, there is still much to be done.

Getting people to change their daily driving habits is helping, but this doesn’t address business vehicles and the impact they are having on the environment.

Vans are becoming an essential aspect of modern life. With a rise in online shopping, many businesses rely on vans to deliver their goods to customers. On top of that, vans are vital for a range of other businesses that need to carry bulky and heavy equipment, for example, builders or home removal companies.

So what can be done to ensure that vans are more environmentally-friendly?

Well, the good news is that manufacturers are aware of the issues and changes are slowly filtering in, which will reduce the negative impact vans have on the environment. Several leading manufacturers have released or are about to release an electric or hybrid van that has similar load capabilities to its conventionally fueled counterpart.

The London Congestion Charge has been tightened to exclude more vehicles, and other cities are looking to bring in similar measures to help improve the air quality in cities. This is pushing businesses to look for more environmentally vans to avoid additional fees.

What’s more, in the UK, the British government is also offering generous grants towards both electric cars and charging points to help businesses make the switch.

These grants are available on many new vans which have low emissions. So if you are keen to experience the benefits of eco-friendly vans, why not take a look at a range of new vans available at Stoneacre.

In this infographic, we take a closer look at just what impact vans are having on the environment, as well as addressing what can and is being done to help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.


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