Teenagers are entering the world of driving during an exciting era. Green technology is on the rise. With the current trajectory of the auto industry, learning how long does online traffic school take, car consumers can anticipate more eco-friendly vehicles on the road, soon.

California driving school teach you how to drive defensively, but they won’t teach you to drive eco-friendly.

No need to worry about falling behind the green revolution in the auto industry. Because, teen drivers can turn their outdated, rustic jalopy into a fuel-efficient, modern jalopy with simple car technology. All of which you can purchase and install today. Here’s a few ways teenagers can adopt their eco-friendly driving habits early with some green technology.

Energy Efficient Headlights

Cars can run on energy efficient headlights – just like the ones you would install around your house. The great characteristics about energy efficient headlights is their light exposure and brightness. They are on par with your standard bulbs, while lasting longer.

Expensive customary headlights for antique cars and luxury vehicles tend to burn out more frequently. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from junking your car’s headlights every 6-months with energy efficient bulbs.

Not only will you save the environment from used, dead headlights, but you’ll save money along the way. Energy efficient headlights are also money efficient; they last longer, and you will buy less.

Changing the Air Filter

This is a low tech hack you can implement today. Changing the air filter in your car will keep you your engine kicking longer. The reason being: the air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering your car’s engine. When this happens, the pistons and cylinders will become damaged from exterior rubbish.

What teenagers might not know is this directly affects your car’s fuel efficiency.

A healthy engine will help you drive efficiently on highways and in the city. When your pistons and cylinders are well-maintained this will increase your life expectancy of your engine, allowing your car to have an overall better performance.

Air Tire Pressure

Speaking of better performance, air tire pressure is another key element to fuel efficiency. Owning a tire pressure gauge will help you determine whether your tires are at optimal performance. When they are, you will decrease the slack you experience on the roads.

Having deflated tires or over inflated tires will be detrimental to your car’s health.

This could cause a roadside burst – leaving you in vulnerable position on the side of a highway. Having a tire pressure gauge to monitor the well-being of your tires will help you avoid these roadside aches.

High Tech Speedometers

Every car has a speedometer. But sometimes they go unnoticed – especially with teenagers. Driving fast is exciting, but it’s also bad for your fuel efficiency. This is because you’re burning through more fuel. Traveling the recommended speed limit helps you preserve your gas level.

That’s why having a speedometer – high tech or not – will help you manage your velocity.

There are plenty of high tech speedometers to choose from. The most efficient are the dashboard pop up that will allow you to monitor your speed without averting your eyes from the road. When you’re driving the speed limit you save on gas and roadside collisions.

Charging Station Maps 

Electric cars are currently popular vehicle for green vehicle early adopters. Not only do you see more electric cars on the road today, but you might have noticed charging stations pop up at your nearest gas station.

Despite the rise in electric cars, not every gas station will have a charging station.

Luckily for you, there are apps, which you can install on your phone or tablet, that send you information on the nearest charging station to you. This is a must for people who rely on charging stations – especially teens.

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