Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

We’re all increasingly aware of the dramatic consequences of climate change and how humanity’s actions are directly having a visible, tangible effect on the health of our world. Experts estimate that if mankind continues at its current rates of energy usage, deforestation, excessive reliance on fossil fuels, and other activities, the world as we know it will continue to suffer as the years go on.

In response, we’ve seen big promises from governments, lifestyle changes from individuals all over the globe, and fresh approaches from companies great and small. Many people want to do their bit for the environment, and a lot of brands are getting on board with the idea too, especially in regard to the packaging they choose to use.

Excessive packaging is a big contributor to environmental issues such as pollution, landfills, and carbon footprints, and a lot of it really is unnecessary. Increasingly, companies are making the switch from environmentally-unfriendly options like bulky plastic packaging to much sleeker and greener alternatives, and here are just a few reasons why.

It Shows Responsibility and Humanity

One of the main advantages of investing in sustainable or eco-friendly packaging is the fact that it can help to build a brand’s profile, proving it to be responsible and ready to do its part and make genuine changes to help the planet.

At a time when customers are increasingly interested in companies’ actions and attitudes, this can make a real difference. Brands that do their bit are seen as more human, more relatable, and therefore more likely to be worthy of a customer’s attention and money.

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Customers Want it

Following on from the previous point, it’s also clear from surveys and reports that customers will be drawn to brands that take positive actions for the planet, and an increasing number of people are actively seeking out companies that have low carbon footprints and try to be as green as possible.

Some surveys on the matter show that close to 70% of Americans will opt for eco-friendly brands when given the choice, so it’s clear to see that any company wanting to compete and stay ahead of the game needs to consider this as an effective strategy.

It Has a Real Effect

One simple reason you may want to go green and opt for sustainable packaging for your products is the simple fact that it really can help to make a difference and reduce the development of global warming and climate change all over the world.

It won’t solve the problem on its own, but choosing less wasteful packaging is a good step to take if you want your brand to play its part.

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It Can Inspire Others

Another great advantage of opting for sustainable packaging is the fact that it can help your company become more of a role model for others to follow. If your brand chooses to go green, competitors will be likely to follow suit.

Not only does this set your business apart as a leader, rather than a follower, but it also helps to encourage more and more eco-friendly activities and actions throughout the business world, and may even inspire some of your customers to think more about their impact on the environment too.

Retailers Are Becoming More Demanding

In the near future, many companies wanting to succeed might not even have an option when it comes to whether or not they choose to make use of eco-friendly packaging, as a lot of the big retailers like Walmart and Target are demanding it of their suppliers.

These companies, and others, are starting to set targets to reduce the amount of waste they generate and making promises to only work with brands that share their values and make efforts to go green. So if you want them to stock and sell your products, you’ll need to comply with their sustainability targets.


Saving the planet is never a bad idea, but from a business perspective, choosing eco-friendly packaging can actually save your company a lot of cash too, and we’ve seen some big examples of this with high-profile companies like IKEA enjoying massive savings after choosing to minimize the packaging it uses.

Cutting the amount of packaging you use naturally helps to lower material costs and can also reduce shipping prices too, leading to major savings across the board.

Final Word

These are just some of the many benefits associated with eco-friendly packaging, and it’s clear to see that going green with your boxes and bags is a great idea, in more ways than one.

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