green living

green living

You have been working really hard at staying green, and at home, you make a concerted effort. So, when you hit the ground running on an adventure you want to practice some of the same good habits you’ve built at home, but how can you stay green while you’re adventuring on a budget?

Here are 25 easy travel tips to help you get there:

  1. Environmentally Friendly Hotels

Many hotels will list the ways they have gone green, so look out for their recycling program, how they manage sheets and towels washing, and whether the business is locally owned and operated. 

  1. Throughout Your Stay

If you haven’t managed to find a green hotel keep your showers short and sweet and turn the water off as you brush your teeth. Don’t leave the air conditioning on, lights, television, or any other devices. Reuse your towels and sheets. 

  1. Transportation

You probably travel by plane to your destination; however, you can offset the emissions by traveling by train instead, or by renting a small car (even better if you go hybrid). 

  1. See the Sights Responsibly

Make sure you stick to the trails and don’t feed the animals. Put your rubbish in the correct bins and don’t light a campfire unless the area is designated to do so. If you’re going snorkelling keep your hands to yourself!

Buy locally. 

  1. Talk to Locals

When you ask locals for destination tips make sure you ask what routes you should take there, and ideally, they will be on foot! Otherwise, opt for public transport. 

  1. Travel Agents

You can also get tips from the travel agent on how you can get around efficiently, they should be able to furnish you with a map and public transportation times and routes. 

  1. Recycle

Holiday is an exciting time, but make sure you check the packets of the products you’re consuming and recycle them correctly. 

  1. Water Bottle

You don’t need to buy plastic bottles of water, you can carry your own (Nalgene or canteen) container and refill it as necessary. 

  1. Less Waste

Choose products that contain little to no packaging to save on waste. 

  1. Excessive Trips

Don’t go on any activities that you believe have a negative impact on the environment. 

  1. Toiletries

Bring your own, but if you do have to use the ones provided by the hotel make sure you use them fully. 

  1. Recycling Airlines

Choose to fly with an airline that recycles all of the food and beverage waste created by passengers during the flight. There are plenty of green airlines.

  1. Eat Local

Products that are grown locally have a smaller footprint, so get to know the local culture by eating those foods. 

  1. Electronic Tickets

You don’t need to print your travel tickets anymore, you can instead opt for an electronic ticket. 

  1. Guide Books

If you’ve bought any printed books then give them to an arriving traveller or leave it in your room so that future guests can make use of it. Alternatively, recycle it appropriately. 

  1. Don’t Litter

You’re concerned enough about the environment to be reading this which means you wouldn’t litter at home, so don’t even think about doing it while traveling. Always dispose of your rubbish in the appropriate bins. 

  1. Travel in Groups

Heading on a road trip? Invite friends and family to share the footprint and reduce yours. It’s always more fun to travel with company anyway. 

  1. Low-Carbon Fun

Choose activities that are low-carbon, like snorkelling, rafting, horse riding, mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, music concerts, and other types of excursions. 

  1. Eco Go Bag

Pack extra eco-friendly bags for shopping on your trip, and for packing, too! 

  1. Shared Rides

Do you have no other choice but to get a taxi to your destination? See if you can share the ride with other travellers planning to do the same. 

  1. Fly Nonstop

Believe it or not, the majority of emissions from plane travel occurs during the landing and take-off, so book a nonstop flight for big trips. 

  1. Green Tour Company

Give your business to a local tour company who practices green activities and respects the local flora and fauna. 

  1. Ethical Travel Destination

Of course, you could just choose your destination by consulting the list of the world’s most ethical travel destinations. It’s compiled using their green efforts, as well as human rights, animal welfare, and more! 

  1. Feedback

If despite your efforts you were unable to find a green hotel and the hotel you stayed at had no recycling program, leave them feedback on how they can make green gains. 

  1. Home Comforts

Make sure you have turned everything off at home before you head out for your adventure. Only leave the necessities running (like the fridge, and your heat on a timer during the winter months to prevent pipes from freezing over).

With amazing discount codes and vouchers on with, the sky isn’t even the limit when it comes to planning your travels. You can choose green hotels and more and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

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