City Love: The Earth Hour City Challenge 2014

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Do you love your city? Or does your heart find its home in another one on a different continent? Wherever we find the urbanscape we call our own, there will always be ways to improve it for the people it shelters and the environment it thrives in. WWF shares 33 candidate cities it loves for being the most sustainable today in the Earth Hour City Challenge.

The Earth Hour City Challenge initiative has been created to celebrate cities that are taking amazing steps forward in creating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in, while inspiring other cities to do the same.” – WWF

The Earth Hour City Challenge was made to mobilize action and support from cities in the global transition towards a sustainable, climate-friendly and one-planet future. With over 70% of global carbon emissions generated from urban dwellers, cities are in the best position to catalyze inspiring and feasible development plans geared towards urban use of renewable energy.

Check out WWF’s four major reasons as to why cities play a big role in a sustainable and renewable future:

Smarter transportation – Transportation uses 30% of global energy. From smart planning to cycle lanes, electric vehicles to public transport – cities are an inspiration for change.

Cleaner energy – Although city dwellers are responsible for over 70% of our planet’s energy-related carbon emissions, cities are also hotspots for renewable energy solutions.

Efficient buildings – Buildings use 1/3rd of the world’s energy. Their focus on new designs, incentives and standards mean cities are leading the transition to better, cleaner housing.

Less waste – Because cities produce so much waste, they’re also focused on new solutions – such as resource efficiency, behavior change and waste management.

33 finalists from 14 participating countries have been shortlisted from a pool of 163 candidates in Earth Hour City Challenge 2014. These are:

Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels Capital Region, Ghent
Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
Canada: Edmonton, North Vancouver, Surrey
Colombia: Medellín, Monteria
Denmark: Copenhagen
Finland: Lappeenranta
India: Cochin, Coimbatore, Hyderabad
Indonesia: Semarang, Bogor
Mexico: Mexico City, Municipality of Aguascalientes
South Africa: Cape Town, Durban
South Korea: Seoul, Suwon
Sweden: Eskilstuna, Stockholm, Växjö
Thailand: Khunhan, Muangklang, Nongsamrong carbonn
USA: Boulder, Chicago, Cleveland

One city will be selected as a sustainability leader per country for the National Earth Hour Capital Award. One winner will also be selected for the title Global Earth Hour Capital 2014 for outstanding and exceptional sustainability efforts. Winners will be announced on 27th of March 2014 in Vancouver, Canada.

Everyone can join the We Love Cities campaign and vote for their favorites. Participants can also share what they love about their favorite city through photos and videos, as well as suggestions on how to make them more sustainable.

More information on what the 33 Earth Hour City Challenge 2014 finalists are doing to achieve sustainable development and to transition towards 100% renewable energy can be found on the Carbonn Cities Climate Registry.

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4 Comments on “City Love: The Earth Hour City Challenge 2014

  1. NICE! Love this…a contest with a meaning and earth friendly purpose. Brilliant! Who doesn’t love a game? Something that is fun and competitive but in the process of playing, you’re collecting valuable data that builds on itself. You’re building a new awareness with the programs you implement. With the correct mindset and enthusiastic people, you have a great vehicle to change behaviors and improve lives. Awesome.

  2. Good content. I’ve a question but its not regarding with this content. What is the slogan of this year world environment day?

  3. This is incredible! I would love to encourage my city to become a part of this. Do you have toolkits/guides to help a citizen start the movement in their city?

  4. First of all it’s necessary to make clear that sometimes people would like their cities have taken some attitudes to change the interaction between the citizens and the environment, but there is no investiment from the government towards this solution, so in poor countries like mine, Brazil, we are very far to get great steps to contribuite with our almost green Planet.

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