Prestigious TEDxWWF Event at Abu Dhabi

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WWF and TED’s collaboration this year took place on May 20th at Abu Dhabi. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), famous for its less than 20 minute talks by various speakers on a range of subjects, and WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) the well known international NGO conservation group, came together for the TEDxWWF conference.

TEDxWWF aims to exhibit fresh ideas on how to support and seek better sustainable solutions in individual’s daily lives. Previous TEDxWWF conferences have been held in Geneva and Singapore, making the last event on May 20th was the first time the independently organized event was held in the Middle East.

WWF produced a list of the impressive and diverse speakers at the TEDxWWF event who around the world. They covered a number of issues touching on sustainability, renewable energy, innovation, and others.

Ted Speakers:
Andreas Keller – the co-founder of the iShack project, using solar power to improve slums
Andy Ridley – Co-founder of Earth Hour, the biggest global environmental grassroots movement
Bruce Ferguson – Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a professor at Masdar Institute
Elham Al-Qasimi – the first Arab and Emirati woman to complete an unassisted expedition to the North Pole
Ginger Dosier Krieg – inventor of the bio brick revolutionizing the building materials industry
Julie-Ann Odell – Founder of Dubai Drums – using music to connect to life’s rhythm
Luc Marin – Dubai based French sand artist
Lucy Orta – British contemporary visual artist who tackles ecological and social factors through her artwork
Majid Al-Qassimi – one of the most prominent and vocal Emirati environmentalists and strongest advocate of using culture and education in environmental conservation
Sara El Sayed – certified Biomimicry Professional and biologist who uses biomimicry to create opportunities for positive change in Egypt
William Gaillard – Senior Advisor to the President of UEFA on using sports as an arena for social change

The event was free to attend but in case you missed it, you can view ALL the speakers on directly on the -> TedxWWF site < – here.

Sudhanshu Sarronwala, Executive Director, Communications and Marketing of WWF International, said:

“The TEDxWWF platform brings together thought leaders and entrepreneurs from a range of disciplines who challenge us to think about sustainability in different ways – for the planet and for its people.”

Director General of EWS-WWF Ida Tillisch also said:

“All our TEDxWWF speakers are impressive individuals bringing to the table very interesting and innovative ideas.”

I, for one, was very excited about the collaboration of TED and WWF this year. It is through TED that I first got acquainted with both biomimicry and its pioneer, Janine Benyus. I’m keen to listen to new ideas from “forward-thinking speakers from around the world who will share fresh ideas on how to create a sustainable future for our planet.” Count me in.

Again, in case you missed it, Watch the speakers from the TEDxWWF event at:

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