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bikes on a trail

Photo Credit: ©

Over the weekend I made a journey by bike to a nearby nature reserve in the Netherlands to get some exercise and to get out of the house. I live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands which has some nice parks, farmland, and nature trails to go explore on – all of which are very close and accessible by bike.

I ventured off with my friend Steve to see if we could get lost in the woods and find interesting things to photograph. While we didn’t see any large animals, the area was full of birds, bugs, and trees. While I’m no macro photographer, I tried my best to get as close as possible to my subject and still get some good macro-ish photos.

Who knows? Maybe seeing these photographs will inspire you to take your own nature walk.

reflecting pond trees

Photo Credit: ©

Right in the beginning of our journey we stumbled upon this picturesque pond that displayed near perfect reflections of the trees above it. I was sort of hoping to see a frog or turtle in this marshy wetland area but this time around I had no such luck.

steves taking picture in nature

Photo Credit: ©

In the above photo is my friend Steve who is also helping take some of these pictures.


Photo Credit: ©

I stumbled across this furry little beetle guy. I’m not to sure of what type of bug this is, but he sure looked like a beetle of some sort.

blue dragonfly

Photo Credit: ©

This blue dragonfly was very thin and hard to focus on just right. Either way I’m glad I caught him in this moment.

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brown dragonfly

Photo Credit: ©

The entire area I visited was teaming with dragonflies. The above photo is one of the chunkier ones. Did you know dragonflies are carnivores? (More about that down below).

caterpillar eating a leaf

Photo Credit: ©

As I was walking by a bush I noticed this caterpillar guy munching on a leaf.

green leaf butterfly

Photo Credit: ©

I chased this butterfly around until he landed on a leaf and then disappeared. His outer wing color is bright yellow, but inner wing color (what you see here) is green and looks like a leaf. He thought he was rather clever trying to blend in to his surroundings.

Shortly after the above moment, I watched the yellow/green leafy looking butterfly fly off into the distance…

dragonfly eating butterfly

Photo Credit: ©

…But then this chunky carnivorous dragonfly came around mid flight, grabbed the yellow butterfly, and pinned him to this tree…where he starts to eat him alive. I sat there and watched for a little while…but I thought it was rather sad because I had just made friends with the Mr. Leafy butterfly moments prior.

caterpillar nest

Photo Credit: ©

Have you ever seen a nest full of caterpillars? Neither have I until today.

small brown spider

Photo Credit: ©

During our little nature hike I was anticipating seeing several spiders of various types. However, I only saw this little brown spider guy the entire time.

honey bee on a flower

Photo Credit: ©

Besides dragonflies, there were also plenty of honeybees buzzing around.

wild grass

Photo Credit: ©

One more photo of the wild grass.

pond lilly pads

Photo Credit: ©

And lastly, this is another pond we found. This one had ducks in it though. I wish I would have taken time to photograph some of the ducks in the pond, but Steve and I were both getting tired and decided to head back into town.

What do you think of my little nature walk journey? Let me know in the comments below.

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