Tim DeChristopher Released From Prison For Protesting Oil & Gas

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Photo Credit: Screen Captured from Vimeo Video below.

Photo Credit: Screen Captured from Vimeo Video below.

Tim DeChristopher (at 27 years old) is the co-founder of a grassroots environmental group called Peaceful Uprising. Tim went considerably further than most people would to protest the opening of oil and gas fields for drilling during the final weeks of the Bush Administration…he went to prison.

Why? Because he actually signed up to participate in the auction of land leases for oil and gas drilling rights as ‘bidder 70′ to protect Utah’s red rock wilderness with no intention to pay or drill. He was handed over a paddle and he proceeded to bid on the drilling rights for which he won approximately $2 million worth of leases.

In the aftermath of it all, the federal government quickly charged Tim DeChristopher with two counts of felony fraud and the new Obama administration voided the auctions that Tim won. Tim was then found guilty and sentenced to 2 years of jail time in a federal prison for his crimes.

Now Tim DeChristopher is out of jail and wants everyone to understand the need for civil disobedience in the fight for justice. A documentary titled Bidder 70 details what went down in this case of environmental activism.

“When I went into this, I was pretty focused on the direct impacts of my actions, keeping that oil under those parcels and stopping this particular auction,” DeChristopher tells Bill. “I think those impacts turned out to be much more important than just keeping that oil in the ground.”

Tim’s bold actions are an example of putting a human face on important environmental issues that are intended to make an impact worthy of garnering enough media attention to draw people to a story that might not otherwise get noticed. I would say that he has gotten people’s attention and more people seem to be aware of the environmental and climate movement in general…but are actions like this enough?

Read more about Tim DeChristopher here.

The biggest take away from all this is that we must constantly remind each other that things need to change in order to protect the planet from climate change, from environmental destruction, and from unnecessary waste. We need to promote renewable energy and utilize it if we can, we need to be mindful of our consumer habits, and we need to do everything we can to help save the environment.

Climate justice cannot be forgotten anymore and as I scroll through some of the posts we’ve done here on The Environmental Blog…I wonder how much progress is actually being made on this considering how in the last US presidential elections the environment was such a polarizing issue.

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