Nationwide EV Quick-Charge Network Opens in Estonia

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Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Melissa Hincha-Ownby via Flickr

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Melissa Hincha-Ownby via Flickr

Perhaps we could all agree that one of the most crucial backbones of EV technology is the availability of the proper infrastructure that could standardize its use.

Setting up charging stations is the basic step that secures this “proper infrastructure”, eventually leading to the expansion of a charging station network all over the country. That is exactly what happened to Estonia, as the country now opens the world’s very first nationwide network of fast-charging EV stations.

As of today, each and every town, village and large community in Estonia has their own charging station, with a distance of no more than 40-60 kilometers between each station. The entire network is composed of 165 separate CHAdeMO-standard fast chargers all of which are administered by one operator.The networkd can be accesed by client EV owners using a variety of different payment solutions/packages no matter where they are across the country.

Construction of the fast-charging network was made possible through funding provided by the CO2 emission quota sales agreement between the Mitsubishi Corporation and the Republic itself. Design, production and installation of the chargers was completed by the tech company ABB while the operation and administration of the fast-charging network is handled by the national Foundation KredEx. Finally the payment system for the charging network was designed by NOW Innovations!, and the its customer support provided by G4S (a security company).

What makes the charging network convenient to use for EV owners is that the payment solutions are relatively quick and easy. A user can either pay with the use of an authorized bank card or a mobile phone-based account. The basic service package, the “unrestricted” charging option, lets general users charge up at the cost of 2.5 to 5 euros. The second package involves a monthly payment system, where users can pay 30 euros to use the charging stations as many times as they want.

Each charger is capable of charging most EV’s up to 90% of its full charge in just about 30 minutes.

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