Ban in the EU Will End Suffering of Millions of Animals

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If you have a huge heart for animals than you might be interested to know that the EU has made some positive changes to save our furry friends from a world of pain and suffering.  Testing on animals for cosmetics and personal care products is something I never really understood and I have always felt was cruel and unnecessary.  So I was extremely pleased to learn that a new law will put an end to the import and sale of any cosmetic or beauty products that were tested on animals in the European Union (a cluster of 27 countries).

After rigorous lobbying by animal rights groups the EU has finally decided to ban testing cosmetics and personal care products on animals. After 23 long years of trying to put an end to it all, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has finally succeeded. Starting March 11th all beauty products, from cheap to high-end brands, will be subject to specific rules that will prohibit all final products from being tested on animals or any ingredients within the product.

The legislation to ban animal testing for cosmetics was adopted 10 years ago but has been repeatedly delayed.  Much of the credit to the successful ban should be awarded to the new European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, Tonio Borg.  After this ban takes place everyday things like toothpaste to skin cream to eye shadow will be free of any history of animal testing. These days its hard to find a product that hasn’t been tested on animals and if you don’t see the “not tested on animals” on the label than more than likely it has been.

In the case you unfamiliar with animal testing it commonly involves mice, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and other types of animals. They are never provided pain relief.  The following points are information I gathered from the humane society website on the process of animal testing today.

  • skin and eye irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed onto the shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of restrained rabbits without any pain relief
  • repeated force-feeding studies lasting weeks or months to look for signs of general illness or specific health hazards such as cancer or birth defects
  • widely condemned “lethal dose” tests, in which animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to determine the dose that causes death.

Once testing is done animals are killed by being strangled, neck breaking, or decapitation.

The next step for the ECEAE is to ban testing on animals for scientific experiments where at least 12 million animals are used in Europe for this purpose.

As of now the world is divided on how they view animal testing but the European Union seems to grasp the senselessness of making animals suffer for the sake of beauty products.


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