Ontario to Say Goodbye to Coal Forever

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Photo credit:  Some rights reserved by Al_HikesAZ

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

Independence from coal is one of the most primary endgame objectives that all renewable energy projects have. We’re not close to it yet on a global scale, but there are some countries that have done it already.

In fact, this year, there would be yet another civilized area on this planet that would release itself from the bounds of coal when it comes to grid power generation, and that is none other than the province of Ontario, Canada.

The final ultimate deadline for coal in Ontario province has been reported to be at the end of 2013. This was based on information that tells us about the final days of the few remaining coal power plants in operation within the province. The first piece of the information was the announcement made in early January 2013 by the provincial government, that they would finally close their final two baseload coal-fired power plants. The second and final piece of the information was the closure of a small back-up coal in the province generator in 2014.

Growing concerns over health and environmental effects, as well as the cost associate with the effects, was the primary driving force that led to the eventual “obliteration” of coal from Ontario’s energy map. The report said that Ontario could save approximately $4.4 billion annually in external health and environmental costs. In addition, the closures were strategically part of the province’s Green Energy Act.

So, where exactly would they get their energy you ask? According to their energy use data which was also provided in the report, their primary source of energy is currently nuclear. At its second place comes hydro-power  third goes to natural gas, while a small percentage is shared by other types of renewable energy. Their energy strategy also includes efficiency programs, which further added to the decreased and later on eliminated dependence on coal based energy.

Should they finally wave the final goodbye to coal at the set deadline, Ontario will technically be the very first jurisdiction in the North American continent to totally abandon coal forever. The example that they will make could be taken up as a firm and solid proof that genuine commitment to cleaner energy is very possible if we really want to, and if we have the effort to take our green projects and programs through the very end.

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