6 Green Ways to Improve Your City Lifestyle

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Photo by William Cho

Photo by William Cho

How To Go Eco-Friendly And Make The Most Of Urban Living:
Living in a city is great, or else why would millions of us choose to live here? There are loads of job opportunities, lots of bars and restaurants, the shopping is good, and there are even museums and art galleries if you want to indulge in a bit of culture. Despite all the positives, there are some noticeable drawbacks too. Not only are cities expensive places to live, but many find they are constantly on the go and feeling isolated is common among those living in urban areas. To make the most of where you live below are six clean and green tips that will improve your city lifestyle.

1. Be Cost Savvy

Being cost savvy doesn’t mean you have to forsake fun. It doesn’t mean you have to give up a social life to stay at home and save money. What’s the point of living in a city if you’re not going to enjoy what’s on offer? It does mean, however, that you should start knowing where and when you can find something cheaper – and environmentally sound. Simple things like visiting a supermarket in the evening when more (sustainable) foods are reduced, or looking for discount vouchers for ethical, local-sourcing restaurants when going out for a meal, will help save money and be sure to give you a clear conscience.

Also, learn the things that you can do for free. In many cities there are lots of art galleries and museums that are free to enter, or cheaper if you go at certain times or on certain days. You might be able to get cheaper theater tickets by purchasing them on the day of a performance, when the theater is trying to fill up empty seats.  It takes a bit of effort to start, but soon finding discounts and cost-saving tactics becomes second nature and leaves you with more money to spend on things you enjoy doing.

2. Get More Sunlight

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is now a well-known condition and, even if you don’t suffer from the winter blues as strongly, for most people getting more sunlight helps to improve their moods. Those living in cities, especially in areas with lots of tall buildings blocking out sunlight, getting enough natural light can be difficult. Add to this the middle of winter, when many people find themselves going to work and home in the dark – it is no wonder that winter can be a depressing time of year.

Making sure you gets lots of sunlight often helps. If you can get out of the office during lunchtime, go for a walk even if it is just for twenty minutes. At home make use of your garden, or a communal outdoor space if you are in a flat. You could also consider installing skylights, which unlike conventional windows, face upwards so the light is not blocked out by surrounding buildings.

Photo by Nathan Parton

Photo by Nathan Parton

3. Relax

Cities are hectic places. You can find yourself constantly on the go trying to juggle work, social lives, relationships, fitness regimes, hobbies, sleep – really there is only so much you can fit into a day.

Taking a little bit of time to relax and recharge will help you to take a step back and prioritize what is important, goals you want to achieve and unwind from daily stresses. Many people find taking up yoga or pilates can help with this, but even just taking ten minutes to listen to some music will help.

4. Be Positive

It may sound a cliché, but you are what you think. So if you’re constantly thinking negatively this will affect your quality of life. Positive thinkers tend to be happier and achieve more, solely because they believe they can and if they meet setbacks and challenges they will find a way around the problem rather than giving up.

If you are a negative person it can be difficult to change your mindset, however just by trying to be consciously more positive in both the way you think about yourself and the way you treat others, can start having a positive impact on your life.

5. Become A Tourist

Most cities attract millions of tourists every year. Despite this many people living there fail to explore their own city. If you have a free weekend, grab a tourist guide or explore a site like Lonely Planet and do some touristy things. Visit different areas, landmarks, parks and other places you would never normally go to. Be sure to take care of the environment and it’ll reward you.

Soon you will discover a whole new part of your city.

6. Get To Know Your Area

As well as exploring new places, become familiar with your own local area. Take a stay-cation. Be chatty with the people you get your morning coffee from regularly, join local groups and get involved in the community. For some people living in a city can be quite isolating, however by getting to know people in your local area can help you to feel part of a community and enables you to build strong links with your city.

About The Author:
Derin Clark is a writer, journalist and blogger with many years’ experience writing for business publications. She is particularly interested in environmental issues, as well as exploring new ways of balancing finance, work and lifestyle.


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One Comment on “6 Green Ways to Improve Your City Lifestyle

  1. For what it’s worth, and my two
    cents, I have to say, watching my mother grow up and reuse almost anything in
    the house, not only was she saving money, but inadvertently she was practicing
    her own reuse and recycle program. I
    learned through watching to do the same thing.
    It doesn’t matter what social circle you come from, and not for
    political correctness, it should be to be a good steward of the environment,
    that we inherited from our forbearers, and will hand down to the next
    generation. I am in the bag industry on
    the manufacturing side and know there are a few folks like me practicing
    this. On the retail side, there is and they sell
    almost any kind of paper or plastic bag.
    They are taking the lead from their customers and industry and offering
    the latest in recycled paper and plastic, FSC Certified papers from renewable
    sources, and plastic with biodegradable additives so they will break down. And this is just bags!

    Imagine if through your year, you
    can apply the same conscious effort that they apply to bags, and see how much
    of your footprint you can limit on the globe without impacting lifestyle, that
    is the new balancing act for my generation.
    Thanks for reading.

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