Shower That Saves Water by Puffing Air Inside Droplets

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Showers might be convenient but they aren’t necessarily what we would call water efficient. In a single day, a person may use up to 30 gallons of water in a one shower session. You can just imagine the amount of water that is literally wasted everyday when we consider the number of people in a modern community.

The simplest solution that we can do to save water is of course to find alternatives, but this new product from Japanese company TOTO still maintains the use of showers while being able to save a considerable amount of water each time it is used.

TOTO’s Air-In Shower technology uses air pockets, filling each droplet of water with air in order to save water. How does aerating water help save it you ask? Most water-saving showers save water by literally lessening the amount of water that is released using smaller holes. While this method directly saves water, the fullness of the shower experience is significantly lessened. With the Air-In Shower technology, this lessening is averted, since the enlarged aerated droplets still maintain the cleansing sensation that ordinary droplets of the same size provide. People who are using showers that have this technology will not feel that the volume of the water had actually lessened, but they will be helping the environment.

With the aerated water, it is calculated that one of these shower heads will use up to 35% less water than ordinary shower heads. Fairly impressive if the claims proved to be practically true, but  the company even claims that you could also save energy with their custom shower heads as well. All in all, they estimate that their technology will be able to save around 15,300 yen ($190) annually in water and gas bills (with a household member count of four). This would consequently result in a CO2 emission reduction of about 146 kilograms.

As for the unit itself, the Air-In custom shower head costs at 5,900 yen ($73). Added accessories and items that would complete the setup, such as the Air-In Click Shower, would have a total cost of 14,400 yen ($170). Even with the availability of the stand-alone unit, the product will still be part of their line of bathroom suites, and will be added as a standard to their regular product packages.

Now, would this be a must have for all bathrooms around the world? Well, it’s a good option, at least until we get to see one of those waterless futuristic showers be actually invented.

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One Comment on “Shower That Saves Water by Puffing Air Inside Droplets

  1. Terrific steam showers, my family had a unit
    installed approximately five years ago and it may possibly do with upgrading, would never buy a bland old typical kind of shower again

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