Uncommon but Functional Wooden Gadgets

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Photo credit:  Attribution Some rights reserved by Keoni Cabral

Aside from lowering energy consumption, one of the most common and easiest ways to make a gadget or electronic device “greener” is to make it partially out of wood. Okay, we understand that there isn’t really any huge “green” fad for wooden gadgets, and making it wooden doesn’t make it necessarily less harmful to the environment. But making gadgets out of wood does make it look a whole lot closer to being eco-friendly, at least from a raw material perspective.

Here’s a list of some of the uncommon but considerably functional wooden gadgets that we found around the web. Take note though, we have specifically gathered only the ones that actually integrate the wooden parts into its function or mechanism (the buttons are wooden for example), so you might find the list not as expansive as it should be.

Wooden Ball Mouse

No, the term ball mouse does not mean it’s the classic trackball type mouse of the late 20th and early 21st century. This one is literally shaped like a ball, and you control the mouse pointer with it by tilting it in a certain direction. The tilt sensors would try to calculate the change in the ball mouse’s position, and would adjust the movement and position of the mouse pointer instantaneously. It’s also called the Jupiter mouse because the swirls on the ball largely resemble the striped design of our solar system’s largest gas giant. It is a product made by Actbrise Electronics.

Wooden Clothespin USB Drive

Fitting a USB flash drive inside a wooden casing isn’t really that impressive, until you realize that the casing itself isn’t just there to make it look “green”. This USB drive also has the obvious alternative function of an ordinary clothespin. Of course, you probably won’t use it to hang wet clothes to dry, but you can at least pin it to your shirt to free your hands from it and for a quick reuse later. This version is made by a Polish design team named Poor.

Wooden Block Mobile Phone

In terms of ultimate functionality, this phone might fall short when compared to high-end smartphones, but it shines through as a very innovative feature phone. When turned off, it looks like an ordinary wood block, but when it is turned on, lights representing buttons glow out of it.  It has touch function for button input. This one was never carried outside the drawing board though, so you probably won’t be able to purchase one anytime soon. The design and original concept of the product was made by Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee.

Wooden Keyboard

Wooden keyboards are probably one of the oldest types of wooden gadgets listed here, but they’re part of the “more functional wooden gadgets” category simply because a very great portion of the material used is actually wood. In fact, this one may be the best wooden keyboard yet though, because with the exception of wires, indicators and input sensors, everything else is made of wood. The particular model shown in the link is made by Marubeni Infotec.

We’ve excluded a vast number of wooden gadgets here because most of them simply use the wood as a casing, which does not really offer much functionality other than making the unit more “natural”.

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2 Comments on “Uncommon but Functional Wooden Gadgets

  1. Wooden gadgets are quaint and charming, and if they’re eco-friendly from the materials perspective that’s a small bonus. I hope somebody gives me one for Christmas! :D

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