Roof Energy Efficiency: How Can Solar Panels Help?

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As people look to make savings during the recession, it’s clear that people are more willing to invest in solar panels for their roof as this will save considerable amounts of money long term.

Solar panels have grown in popularity with many homeowners installing them as an alternative form of energy. As opposed to using power generated by fossil fuels, increasing numbers of homeowners are looking for solar panels that will substantially reduce their energy bills.

Installing more energy efficient solar panels can provide power to your home without the hefty price tag and will also drastically reduce the carbon footprint by making the most of more renewable energy resources.

Here are the benefits of installing solar panels on your roof:

Long-Term Savings

Although installing solar panels may seem like a costly process at first, it can save you huge amounts in the future. This kind of renewable energy is powered by the sun and natural daylight, meaning that you save money whilst helping the environment.

Solar panels can reduce your monthly energy bill payments by a hundreds per month, which will continue for as long as you have the panel’s placed on your roof.

Solar panels have been proven to help families save and can provide a family of four with 50-65% of their hot water needs per year.

It has also been estimated that Solar PV can save you between £555 and £1,190 each year whereas Solar thermal can save you up to £400 cash back each year and a £300 grant, plus between £50 – £85 in savings on your bills.

Conserving Energy

When installing solar panels you are effectively using the renewable and limitless energy source of the sun. It’s obvious that this will translate into savings in the future going forward, but it will also help lessen pollution generated and in turn help reduce your  individual impact on the environment. A win-win situation to anyone who is environmentally aware and also seeking to save some hard earned money.

What do I have to consider before installing?

Before installing the roof panels you must consider the size of your roof, the orientation and practical considerations. If you decide to install the panels you must get an expert to look over your roof to determine whether or not the area can accommodate the panels. The roof panels must be strong enough to support the weight of the panels whilst adhering to regulations that might restrict rooftop installations.

This article was written by MyRedlandRoof; specialists in the roofing industry.


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