DIY Stuff-It-In-A-Jar Christmas Gift Ideas

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Candlemaking in Jars. Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by  cuttlefish on Flickr.

Candlemaking in Jars. Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by cuttlefish on Flickr.

There are  household items that are still useful in some ways but can’t exactly be donated. Sadly after their original purpose has been served, they end up as clutter. This year, I’ve noticed a surplus of jars and boxes in my room. I became used to automatically  cleaning and storing sturdy jars and boxes with only a vague idea of how I’m going to use them.

I’ve originally intended to use jars for my watercolor hobby, but I realize after a while that I’ve got more than enough and I’m ending up with more jars than artworks.  Still, I can’t donate a load of odd jars to a garage sale, can I? Happily for me and other jar lovers, I’ve found Yumi Sakugawa’s helpful 13 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts That You Can Stuff In A Jar. Here’s a couple of ideas from Yumi’s guide with additional suggestions on how to make clutter-jars into craftworthy stuff-in-a-jar Christmas gifts:


Cupcake in a jar

– Bake pie, bread, cake, or cupcakes directly into the jar. Additionally, you can include your own or a special recipe to make your sweet gift even sweeter.
– Layer bread or cake mix in the jar for future baking if you want your gift recipient to have a bit of DIY experience themselves.
– Put in hot chocolate or other drink mixes, layering ingredients for an artistic touch.
– Put popcorn, s’more making kits, candies, or your recipient’s favorite cookies.
– Put tea leaves or herbs in the jar for a rustic kitchen touch


Terrarium in a Jar- Make a snow globe in a jar for a year round cool decor
– Turn the jar into an easy to maintain terrarium
– Upcycle jars into flower vases, incense or perfumed herbal sticks holders
– Fill jars with marbles or pebbles, or with layered grains for a classy table decor
– Make a homemade potpourri in a jar


Beads in a Jar- Design a jar into a loose change holder or coin bank
– Put a sewing kit into a jar
– Design jars to hold loose buttons or other knick knacks
– Turn the jar into a sim card and/or SD card holder



Bath and Bubbles

Jar for Bubble Solution, Homemade Bath Salts/Body Scrub- Fill a jar with homemade bath salts
– Put natural homemade body scrubs in a jar
– Concoct a giant bubble solution for a young gift recipient




Messages / Friendship Stars in a Jar- Fill a jar with 365 inspirational quotes or biblical verses/promises for an all year spiritual pick-me-up
– Write down messages for your recipient
– Write down happy memories you shared together with your recipient
– Make a time capsule for your gift recipient


Art in a Jar- Jumpstart a reluctant yet artistically talented friend’s career by giving them a set of artist’s materials in a jar. Include an encouraging note or an art challenge for good measure. You never know what you might start!
– Fill a jar with charcoal pencils
– Arrange oil pastels in a jar
– Put in watercolor pencils or paint tubes with brushes in a jar
– Put in colored chalk in a jar for a sidewalk art challenge


Simple household items that contribute to clutter around the house can become clever and beautiful gifts for the season with a little green living perspective. Many thanks to Yumi Sakugawa for her nice illustration of DIY stuff-it-in-a-jar Christmas gift ideas. Now about those boxes…


Photo Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by little miss ladybugSurFeRGiRL30,  grongarbreahn,  Symic, and Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake on Flickr.

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