Tesla Model S Earns the Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year Award

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The awards for best cars are usually given to standard internal combustion engine-type vehicles. These types of cars have already endured decades of long development, and when compared to electric vehicles, they usually have more power and more push over every single performance category.

But earlier this November 2012, Motor Trend has just broken one of the longest standing trends in giving car awards. That is because they have awarded the title 2013 Car of the Year to the Tesla Model S, the EV that is perhaps considered as the most powerful commercially available electric car in the world.

One of the most important points that led to the unanimous decision of choosing the Tesla Model S was its raw capabilities and performance that is equivalent to a high-end sedan. Motor Trend in general describes this revolutionary EV as something that is already equivalent to an ordinary sports car. It has the speed, handling and stability that a high-end model would have. Another point that was stressed in their review of the car is the fact that it is very fuel-efficient. When its electric engine is equated with regular fuel consumption, it runs on an efficiency rating that is equivalent to 74 miles per gallon when most of its systems are turned on, and 100+ miles per gallon when only its base systems are used. It even rivals some of the most energy efficient models in the electric car industry such as the Toyota Prius (that has an electric fuel-efficiency rating of about 50 miles per gallon).

But what really makes the Tesla Model S impressive is that it has a driving range that could literally erase the word “range anxiety” from the EV dictionary. It was generally advertised to be capable of driving for at least 265 miles on a single charge. However when their reviewers tested the Model S, they were astonished that it was even capable of exceeding the advertised range by up to 20 miles (it drove for up to 285 miles on a single charge from Las Vegas to Los Angeles).

The style of the car also adds to the overall points that were given to it, from the aerodynamic chassis, 17-inch touchscreen access interface, to the hi-tech doors that makes it really look like the car of the future. Whatever the first Tesla Roadster has achieved before, the Model S exceeded by a long way.

For those who want more details about how the Tesla Model S became Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year, check out their complete and comprehensive report made here.

Featured Image Photo Attribution Some rights reserved by dpstyles™ via Flickr.


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